Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Vegas Custom Sidewalk Spinner Signs To Get Noticed !

Vegas custom sidewalk spinner signs will get your business or store noticed. Sign spinning is a unique way to advertise and more stores are using this unconventional method of advertising to get people to notice their store and make customers. The concept is simple, place a person on the sidewalk in front of your store with a custom sidewalk spinner signs and get the attention of people driving by.

Custom sidewalk spinner signs are usually about 2 feet high and four or 5 feet long. These custom sidewalk spinner signs can be any color and most businesses want eye catching colors on the signs to help them get noticed. The key to really making an impression is to have the sign spinner make eye contact and wave at people. The sign will usually have a store special on the sign or the store name with the arrow of course pointing in the direction of the store. For example, a cellular store may have a cell phone special and a picture of a cell phone on the spinner sign ( no store name is necessary because everybody knows you are a cell phone store). Oil change mechanic shops use arrow signs to attract customers when they are not busy. The mechanic will simply stand in front of the store and spin the arrow sign to attract new customers. After all, its to the benefit of a mechanic to keep busy if he gets a percentage of the job. Fast food local restaurants will use spinner signs and have the employee stand out in front to draw attention and get more business.

Vegas custom sidewalk spinner signs are not expensive and are a cheap way to advertise your business. If an employee is standing around, why not put a spinner sign in their hands and get more customers.