Window Graphic Signs

See Through Window Signs For Businesses

See through window signs or transparent window signs are increasing in popularity with stores and businesses in the Las Vegas area. These see through window signs are actually printed on window perforation, which allows the window to have a print on it while the people on the inside of the business can see out and the people on the outside only see what you have printed on the window film. Many fast food restaurant chains use this window perforation at the drive in so the drive in attendant has a little privacy for security and also promotes food and other last minute purchases.

Many times businesses and stores have a lot of windows that can be seen from the street as people are driving by but no large business sign. In cases like these, many stores are opting to use their front windows as signage to attract people driving by. These window signs will still allow for the people on the inside of the store to look outside with an unobstructed view and also act as a window tint to help cool the store during the summer months when the fierce Las Vegas sun heats up the windows. The people / customers on the outside of the storeĀ  will only wee what is printed on the window film ( window perforation ). The cost of the window perforation signs is only about $3.50 a square foot and can be installed by the end user. Many installation videos are on the internet that will teach someone how to install the window perforation like an expert to save money.

See through window signs for businesses and stores is a great idea when you have limited signage available to you. At $3.50 a square foot, the signage can be replaced during the different seasons to match your advertising needs.