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Vehicle Vinyl Lettering in Las Vegas

Vehicle vinyl lettering is a simple and cheap way to advertise on your vehicle to get it noticed. After all, if you own a business and have company vehicles, why not take advantage of a low cost advertising method of vehicle vinyl lettering to get noticed by the thousands of people who will see your vehicle every day while it is on the city streets.  Lettering your company truck or auto is a sure fire and low cost way to advertise.

Vehicle vinyl lettering can be as simple as placing you company name and telephone number on your vehicle’s windows and/or body. Just a little more vinyl lettering, you can add a little about your company services. For example,  Paul’s Plumbing 555-555-5555, and then water heaters, drain cleaning, dishwasher installation, etc. or any other services you provide will help get you customers. If you have a plumbing van, you can easily vinyl letter the sides of the van in a color contrary to the color of the vehicle so that it stands out. For example, if you have a white van, you want to use dark letters like black, blue, red, etc…. and the opposite is true if you have a dark colored vehicle. The cost of placing vinyl lettering on vehicle will change based upon the size and how many lines, but you can figure that 3 lines of vinyl lettering for a van ( on both sides and on the rear  ) is about $200.00 . For window lettering on the back of a truck glass or vehicle back glass, , three lines of vinyl lettering is about $50.00

Vehicle vinyl lettering can be designed, plotted and applied at local sign stores in the Las Vegas valley. Contact one of these sign stores today and get your vehicle noticed. Once applied, you will have many years of low cost advertising.