Realtor Signs

Inexpensive Real Estate Signs For Realtors in Vegas

Inexpensive real estate signs are available in Las Vegas for realtors wanting reasonably priced real estate signs. This is especially true for Las Vegas realtors who do commercial properties and need very large for sale signs or large for lease signs to show off their property listings. It is said that 10% of all sales and leases can be attributed to a real estate sign. Larger real estate signs draw more attention and have a greater success of being noticed by interested parties. Inexpensive real estate signs help by giving the realtor an opportunity to afford a high quality, low priced sign that can potentially bring a great result.

Inexpensive real estate signs are just that, low cost signage. You can obtain these real estate signs with many different substrates like plastic, metal, aluminum, wood and others. Also,  many realtors belong to the GLVAR ( Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors) and that organization has sign companies that are Member benefit Partners that offer discounts on signs to their members.  On average, the cost of an aluminum 18″ x 24″ sign sells for around $30, a 4ft x 8ft aluminum sign sells for around $175.00 and a 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign sells for around one hundred dollars. Wood realtor signs are also available for the larger signs as well. With the GLVAR Member discount of 10%, the cost of real estate signage is even less ! The signs themselves can be made fairly quickly, usually in two or three days time. A laminate is usually applied to the signs to prevent fading during the very hot , intense summer days we experience in Southern Nevada.

Real estate signs can be purchased through local sign companies and the GLVAR can also recommend sign companies to assist you in getting your signs made quickly and cheaply. After all, 10% of all transactions used for selling or leasing a property are because of signs.