Realtor Signs

Big Wood Realtor Signs For Lease or For Sale

Big wood realtor signs get your attention and help get a property sold. Statistics show that a lease or a sale originate up to 10% of the time in a real estate transaction. Big wood realtor signs are inexpensive and bring results ! Most real estate agents will place these large wooden signs in front of a commercial property or vacant land that is for sale or for lease.

Big wood realtor signs come in many different sizes. The two most common sizes, the 4ft x 4ft wood realtor sign and the 4ft x 8ft realtor sign. These signs have a 1/2″ thick wood MDO board substrate with a vinyl application that is then laminated to help preserve ink color and durability. The vinyl print can be a full color print and have any color or combination of colors printed on it. This also includes pictures, background scenes  and logos. Typically on a big wood realtor sign, the following information is on it:

1. Realtor Broker’s name

2. Realtor’ Name

3. Realtors Contact Information ( website- telephone number – email address )

4. Information about the property ( zoning, utilities, square footage, etc. )

5. Price

The signs are then installed using heavy duty 4×4′s to make sure the wind does not knock them down.

Big wood realtor signs are not expensive. The 4ft x 4ft heavy wood sign with print is about $125.00, while the heavier, larger 4ft x 8ft sign sells for about $225.00. It just takes a few days from start to finish to make these signs. Sometimes, real estate agents want the signs in aluminum, which is cheaper. The aluminum 4ft x 4ft sign is $99.00 and the aluminum 4ft x 8ft is $175.00

The large realtor wood for sale or for lease signs can be bought at local sign stores in the Las Vegas area. Contact a store today and get yours ordered.