Realtor Signs

Wooden Real Estate Signs in Vegas

Wooden real estate signs are usually used for commercial properties that are for sale or for lease. Wooden real estate signs are larger than regular realtor signs and weigh much more, which is a good thing┬ábecause of the high winds in Las Vegas. There large size and weight help keep the sign erect with proper installation. ( installers use strong, thick 4″ x 4″ posts to secure these signs )Wooden real estate signs are just slightly more expensive than their aluminum counterparts.

Large wood display signs are used at commercial properties to express that they are for lease or for sale. They make the wood real estate signs large so that they can be easily seen as people drive by. Statistics show that a real estate sign will 10% of the time lead to a sale or lease. This is why realtors like to have signs on all properties they lease or sale. Wooden real estate signs can be made in many sizes, but the three most common sizes are the 4ft x 4ft real estate sign, the 4ft x 8ft real estate sign and the 4ft x 6ft sign. These wood realtor signs are large enough so that they can contain a lot of information about the property such as:

1. Broker’s Name

2. Real Estate Agent’s name and contact information

3. Property Information – zoning, utilities, square footage, etc

4. Price, Terms

The cost of a large wooden real estate sign is reasonable considering that 10% of the time it helps in the sale or lease. A 4ft x 4ft wooden real estate sign is $125.00 and a 4ft x 8ft wooden real estate sign is $225.00. The signs are full color and usually will come with a laminate on them to help protect them against ink fading and the sun. Contact your local real estate sign company if you should need wood realtor signs.