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Service Truck Signs and Decals

Service truck signs and decals are very popular with companies in Las Vegas that do construction and other service work in the Las Vegas area. These service trucks are driven all over the Las Vegas valley and are seen everyday by hundreds of people on the road. By placing signs and decals on these trucks, they promote businesses and services. Service truck signs and decals are very popular because they work, are inexpensive and create business opportunities.

Service truck signs and decals can be different sizes and shapes. What works for one truck may not work for the next truck.  Some companies like partial wraps , some like vinyl lettering and some want a full truck wrap to promote their business. To be honest, usually partial wraps are the cheapest and preferred method of getting a service truck noticed. Placing some vinyl lettering on your truck , some window perf on your windows and some decals is a cheap way to go and usually a very effective way to promote your company. A full service truck wrap would constitute a complete wrap of bumper to bumper along with windows on a cast vinyl / with laminate. This vinyl would be a full color print that could include text/ pictures and images.

Service truck signs and decals would be  less expensive than a full wrap. Generally speaking, the cost of adding decals and vinyl lettering to a service truck would be less than 50% of a full wrap . These decals, much like a full wrap, can be colorful and depict pictures to promote your company and products.

Service truck signs and decals can be designed, printed and made at local sign stores. Contact one of these local sign stores today and take advantage of vehicle advertising and the great benefits it can bring your company.