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Shuttle Bus Signage To Get Noticed

Shuttle bus signage is a great way to get your shuttle bus noticed while it is driving along in the city of Vegas.  Shuttle bus signage can include lettering, window signs , wraps and partial wraps of your bus. These shuttle bus signs will get your vehicle noticed as it is driven around Las Vegas and even while it is being parked. Casinos and hotels that own fleets of shuttle buses are learning the value of advertising on them either with simple signs or a full vehicle wrap. The companies advertise their own services or venues or sometimes allow other companies to advertise on their shuttle buses for a fee.

Shuttle bus signage can be a full bumper to bumper printed wrap or a simple partial wrap or just lettering and decals. A full wrap goes from bumper to bumper and covers the entire vehicle body along with the windows. The windows are covered not with vinyl but with window perforation, which is a substrate that allows for people on the inside of the vehicle to see out, but the people on the outside of the vehicle can only see what is printed on the window covering. Most companies elect to go with a partial wrap of some decals and images and then place vinyl lettering in colors that are contrasting to the colors of the bus so that they stand out very easily. This type of non congested advertising works well, especially when people generally have only a few seconds to look at a moving vehicle. Some vehicle lettering and some decals can be just as effective as a full wrap at less than 50% of the cost of a full wrap.

Shuttle bus signage will make your shuttle bus stand out while it is on the roads of Las Vegas. It can also make you money for selling advertising space on your shuttle bus.