Menu Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Dirt Cheap Flyer Printing and Postcard Printing

Dirt cheap flyer printing and postcard printing is available in the Las Vegas area. Smart businesses and trade show vendors are taking advantage of this opportunity by shopping around and getting the best price. After all, there are several very large printers in Las Vegas that are trade only and offer wonderful digital printing deals.

Dirt cheap flyer printing and postcard printing are full color prints that are done on commercial substrates. The flyers are printed on a 100lb paper on both sides in full color and come in many different sizes. The most common size flyers are the 1/4 page flyer, the 1/2 page flyer and the full page flyer. The postcards are full color and are printed on a 14pt card stock on both sides. Both the flyers and postcards can have pictures, logos and background photos printed on them as well.

Dirt cheap flyer printing and postcard printing is great for promoters of night clubs and entertainment venues. These facilities hire flyer distributors who canvass  Las Vegas Blvd at night talking to the tourists and trying to steer them to their night clubs and parties. Since marketing to tourists who are in Las Vegas is hard, promoters go old fashion and just simply hand them flyers and postcards to entice them to go. The flyers and postcards are handed out by the hundreds every night to everybody and anybody who will accept them. The trade show vendors like dirt cheap flyer and postcard printing because they can order the printing in advance and simply pick it up when they arrive in Las Vegas or get it delivered to their hotel. They avoid the headache of shipping or costly printing and enjoy saving money.

Contact your local wholesale printer in Las Vegas and take advantage of cheap printing of flyers and postcards.