Bus Signs

Bus Legal Lettering For Government Licensing

Bus legal lettering is required by different government organizations. Bus legal lettering includes Department of Transportation numbers ( DOT numbers ) Motor Carrier numbers ( MC # ) and other bus legal lettering. In addition, many companies have company vinyl lettering on buses to help easily identify which bus is which. Vinyl lettering is easy and many companies will just order the bus legal lettering on place it on the buses themselves. other companies prefer to have their legal lettering done by sign professionals.

Bus legal lettering is a good start for keeping up to date with lettering requirement by various government agencies. many sign companies one they go beyond bus legal lettering will actually use there bus to promote themselves. Vinyl lettering is one way in which companies use their own buses to self promote. They simply place large vinyl lettering on the sides of their bus along with the services they provide along with contact information. This allows for people who are driving on the road close them to read their lettering and if interested, will copy down the information or simply take a cell picture for future reference. This lettering can be various colors and sizes to attract attention. In addition, simple logos or decals can be printed out and placed alongside this lettering. Partial wraps or vinyl prints can also be placed on the bus to self advertise or also be placed on the bus to advertise other companies products and services. Many bus companies that log thousands of miles a year will sell sides of their buses to advertising companies to act as a mobile billboard. Large semi trucks also do this as a way to defer costs.

Bus legal lettering can be obtained at local sign companies in the area at very reasonable prices. Its a simple process to apply the lettering and many companies do it themselves.