Menu Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap Postcard Printing

Cheap postcard printing in Vegas can get you those custom made postcards printed at a great price ! Why over pay for custom printed postcards when you can get them at wholesale .

Cheap postcard printing will get you 5,000 postcards that are printed on both sides for one hundred fifty dollars. These postcards are printed on a 14pt card stock on both sides and can be any color you want. You can also place pictures on them , logos and other types of artwork. The design needs to be in a cmyk color configuration and at 300 dpi. It requires a small bleed and all your text/ pictures and important information should be 1/4″ in so that it does not get cut off when the postcards are being cut.

Postcards are great for distributing to help promote products and services. Unlike paper flyers, postcards make a positive impression on people because they are like a business card, not flimsy. They will not blow away as easily when you place them on peoples cars in parking lots. Many night club promoters will use custom printed postcards instead of flyers to add ” class” to the image of the club. Cheap postcard printing can also get you other size postcards as well. For example, realtors like to use the 6″ x 9″ postcards when doing mailings in neighborhoods because at that size, it is hard to get thrown out or lost with other mail. In addition, the US Mail requires a certain size postcard for eddm mailing and the 6″ x 9″ seems to be a favorite size for postal carriers.

Cheap postcard printing can also get you flyers printed at very cheap prices. In addition, you can get many other types of printed material for your business or event. Contact your local offset printer and see what printing specials are on sale.