Glass Signs

Custom Window Decals For Stores

Custom window decals is an inexpensive way to get your business noticed among your competition. Custom window decals is also a great way to advertise to your customers base that is vey cheap and easy to do.

Custom window decals are just plotted vinyl or printed vinyl that is applied to your store window to let customers know about your business and hopefully motivate them to go into your business and buy something. Businesses are placing these decals / stickers on their windows because they are very cheap and attract attention. For example, one plumber in my neighborhood put vinyl lettering on his windows to let people know what kind of services his plumbing company performs. The plumbing company listed the services they do, such as:

1. Drain Cleaning

2. Toilet Repair

3. Garbage Disposals

4. Sewer Repair

6. Dishwasher Installation

7. etc.

By listing their services, they have received calls from people in the neighborhood who saw their window decals and remember that they perform those types of plumbing services.

Custom window decals can also be as simple as your company name, hours of operation and your contact information. Most stores have these on their front door glass or somewhere close to their entrance to let people know more about their hours of operation. It is very frustrating to stop at a business and have them closed and not know when they will be open. This is a simple sign that sign stores do all the time and costs around $25.00 for three to five lines of lettering. The business usually installs the graphics themselves because it is so easy or has a sign professional come out to install. It is just a simple matter of lining the decal up straight by measuring the distance from the top and sides to make sure it is applied in the center.