Banner Stands

Sign Stores That Make Banner Stands

Sign stores that make banner stands are in high demand during the busy convention season in Nevada. Banner stands are the favorite display graphic that is displayed at conventions and trade shows that attract millions of visitors to Southern Nevada during January through April. The biggest conventions choose to come to Las Vegas for their show because of the state of the art convention facilities that are located here. Besides top notch venues, Las Vegas has the hotel room capacity, restaurants and many other amenities to keep the millions of visitors busy during their shows.

Sign stores that make banner stands can make many different sized retractable banner stands. One of the most common sizes is the 33″ x 80″ banner stand. While the size may vary an inch or two either way, this is predominantly the most used banner stand at events. Perhaps it is because it is so easy to set up and travel with.  Banner stands range from around two feet wide all the way up to about 5 feet wide and come in economy and deluxe versions ( The deluxe versions having a wide chrome base that looks impressive) The prices for these banner stands range from under one hundred dollars to below two hundred dollars. This would include the stand, carrying case and print.

Sign stores that make banner stands can do it very quick. The average turnaround time is  just a day or two but incases of emergency, the sign store can make it the same day. This is important for people at trade shows and conventions because often signs and banners get damaged or turn up missing and need to be replaced quickly. Since the design has already been done, its just a matter of printing the new banner graphic and placing into a banner stand. The hard work of designing has already been done.