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Foam Core Board 48″ x 96″ Signs in Las Vegas

Foam core board 48″ x 96″ Signs in Las Vegas are used at the many hotels and casinos in Las Vegas for indoor advertising. Foam core board 48″ x 96″ signs are made up of a foam that has a paper pressed onto both sides that allows it to accept print. The two normal sizes for these boards are 3/16ths inch thick and 1/2 inch thick, but they do make other thicknesses as well. The sports book at many casinos use these lightweight foam boards to display advertising of events and food specials.

Foam core board 48″ x 96″ signs can be hung from ceilings, be self standing or be attached to walls. They are very versatile for displaying because they are lightweight and if they are hung from the ceiling or fall down for some reason, they will not hurt anybody because they are made of foam. Sometimes at the sports book or other places in the casino, they will make a one inch double sided foam core board sign and then simply make it a self standing unit that looks very impressive since it is 4ft wide by 8 feet tall.  You can place a actual size picture of a casino person on the sign as a way to advertise.

Foam core board 48″ x 96″ signs are full color and can be printed with any color or combination of colors you like. They can also be printed with pictures and logos as well. Typically, they are laminated after printing to protect the print and allow for a shiny finish that is impressive. Smaller sized foam core board signs can be used at meetings and presentations where there is not a lot of room. These foam boards are made for indoor use as if you were to use them outside, the weather would warp them quickly because of moisture or hot weather.




Banner Stands

Las Vegas 36″ x 92″ Retractable Banner Stand

Las Vegas 36″ x 92″ retractable banner stand is a large banner stand that is approximately 3 feet wide by about 8 feet tall that is being used at events and shows because of their enormous size. Vendors love these large retractable banner stands for a variety of reasons, mainly because they are attention getters that get noticed ! It’s not easy to walk by an approximately 3ft x 8ft tall display without noticing it.

Las Vegas 36″ x 92″ retractable banner stand can be used in conjunction with another banner stand or two to create a “Banner Wall”. A banner wall is created by placing several banner stands next to each other so as to simulate one continuous display graphic. Las Vegas 36″ x 92″ retractable banner stand allows for 3 of these banner stands to be placed next to each other and creating an almost 8feet tall by 9 feet display that can be set up in under 8 minutes and taken down as fast. These large banner stands all come with a carrying case which allows them to be transported easily. You can walk into a convention venue with them and set them up yourself and avoid expensive union labor.

Las Vegas 36″ x 92″ retractable banner stand is full color and can have logos. landscapes and pictures printed on them. In cases of emergency, banner stands can be printed the same day. There are hundreds of events and shows in Las Vegas annually and shipping and freight companies will tend to lose graphics or damage graphics because of the sheer volume of graphics being delivered. Incases like this, sign stores that make signs and banners for the trade shows and events have these banner stands in stock and will get that design printed so that the event can go on as planned. These large banner stands are very impressive and can be used over and over again at many shows.





Banner Stands

Customized Banner Stands

Customized banner stands can get you that perfect banner stand printed exactly they way you want it. Customized banner stands can get your company logo, products or services printed on the banner so it can be displayed at one of the many conventions that are held in Las Vegas. It is an easy process to get your custom printed banner. Simply send your design to one of the sign stores that have large format printers like and they will print your banner graphic and assemble your stand quickly and inexpensively.

Customized banner stands can come in many sizes. The most popular sized banner stand is about 33″ wide and about 7.5 feet tall. of course these stands come in many sizes ranging from about 2 feet wide all the way up to around 5 feet wide. Customized banner stands also come in height that range from around 4 feet tall to around 8 feet tall as well. Customized banner stands come  with an adjustable height pole that allows for height adjustment of the banner and with a carrying case which allows the stand to be carried event to event ( these banner stands can be used several times over). The stands come in a economy version and a deluxe chrome base version that allows you to impress your clients as well.

Customized banner stands start off at less than $100 for the wildly popular 33″ x 78″ model with double feet and adjustable pole. Best of all, these customized banner stands can be printed and assembled in one day in many cases. Same day banner stands are important because many times last minute graphics are needed for an event or show. Everybody understands that items get lost or damaged and need replacing especially when a big event is scheduled.

Las Vegas sign shops can assist you with your customized banner stands at a low price.



Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Customized Tablecloths And Table Covers In Southern Nevada

Customized tablecloths and table covers are getting very popular at shows across the Las Vegas Valley. At most shows, there are 6 foot or 8 foot tables and vendors and exhibitors are learning that placing a custom tablecloth or custom printed table cover over the table makes a great and lasting impression on clients. Customized tablecloths and table covers come in different colors and can be printed with your logos and pictures. You can design your own tablecloth with a template so that you have complete control over how it looks.

Customized tablecloths and table covers come in the popular sizes to fit the 6 foot and 8 foot tables. These tablecloths are printed on a polyester material that allows them to be wrinkle free and great looking. Customized tablecloths and table covers can be used over and over again because they can be machined washed at home or professionally cleaned to allow for a fresh appearance every time used.

Customized tablecloths and table covers are also very popular at the trade shows and conventions where most vendor booths have a table and the tables are usually scratched and sort of ugly looking and a tablecloth ( especially a customized tablecloth with your company name and logo would look great ! ) can be placed over the table to promote your company and services. Hundreds of trade shows and events occur yearly in Las Vegas and many table cloths are printed for these events. Since these tablecloths are long lasting, they can be used at many different events and simply walked into the venue and placed on your table without the assistance of  union labor. Add in a few banner stands or foam core board signs and you can pretty much have a display booth ready to go. Las Vegas area sign shops sell these tablecloths at discount prices.






Backdrop Banners

Fabric Banner Signs in Las Vegas

Fabric banner signs are growing in popularity at the trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. Fabric banner signs are actually printed on a fabric material instead of the traditional vinyl banner material. The printing on a fabric banner material allows for the backdrop banner or step and repeat banner to be wrinkle free. These fabric banners are stretched over a frame or have a pocket on the top and bottom of them so that they can be used with an adjustable banner stand.

Fabric banner signs are typically slightly more expensive than the traditional vinyl banner printing. The material cost is different along with the special inks that are required for printing. As mentioned above, the wrinkle free fabric is a major plus to fabric banners as it always gives off a very nice impression. The down side of fabric banners is that they easily get damaged. They are usually printed on a 9 ounce polyester material that is subject to rips and tears, much like a woman’s dress. They are subject to snagging. Vinyl 13 ounce banners are subject to wrinkling if they are not cared for properly. If not rolled up correctly after an event, they will wrinkle.

Fabric banner signs cost around $3.00 a square foot compared to the $2.00 a square foot that a vinyl banner costs. The fabric banners can be printed in any color and can contain be printed with pictures and logos. The fabric banner signs are foldable at the end of an event and can be machined wash so that they always appear clean and fresh when used again.

Fabric banner signs are available at sign stores in the Las Vegas area that are generally located near the convention and trade show areas. These sign stores  will be more than happy to assist you with your sign needs.


Signs and Banners

Foam Board 36 x 48 Signs

Foam board 36 x 48 signs are being used at the trade show and convention venues for display of products and services. Foam board 36 x 48 signs are 3ft x 4ft foam core signs that have a vinyl print applied to a 3/36 ” or 1/2 ” foam core board and then laminated to protect to the print. Foam boards are made of foam with a outer paper layer that allows for a print. They are lightweight and considered a indoor sign and for temporary usage. If used outdoors, they will warp in weather rather quickly.

Foam board 36 x 48 signs can be seen at the 3 major convention venues in Las Vegas:

1. Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

3. Sands Exposition Center

Vendors use these foam core boards at these venues as well as the hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. It seems each casino along the famous Las Vegas strip has meeting rooms that are several thousand feet in space that can be divided up and in these meting rooms, these foam board 36 x 48 signs can be seen along with other forms of signage. A couple of banner stands, a custom printed table cloth and  some foam boards and you instantly have a booth display that looks very impressive at a low cost.

Foam board 36 x 48 signs are usually printed in Las Vegas by the many sign stores that cater to the events and shows held locally. These foam boards are delicate ( because they are made with foam) and can be damaged easily which is why they tend to get damaged in the shipping process. By having the foam core boards printed locally, vendors know that they will be in excellent shape and ready to present at your event. Contact a local sign shop like if you find yourself wanting foam core board signs.




Banner Stand Signage

Deluxe 36 x 92 Retractable Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Deluxe 36 x 92 retractable banner stands are being used at the events and shows in Las Vegas. Is Bigger Better ? Apparently at the conventions and trade shows every business is out to impress and distinguish themselves from the competition and these large premium banner stands are doing it. Deluxe 36 x 92 retractable banner stands are impressing the crowds with their large display and chrome base that looks very impressive. These self standing banner stands can be placed anywhere indoors because they are not required to be affixed to anything for support.

Deluxe 36 x 92 retractable banner stands allow for almost a whopping 24 square feet of printable space to get your marketing message across. These banner stands can be placed side by side to also create a ” banner wall” that looks like one large graphic. The deluxe banner stands themselves come with a carrying case and can easily be set up by one person in a matter of a few minutes and disassembled quickly also to be reused over and over. They are lightweight and can simply be walked into a event venue without expensive union labor.

Retractable banner stands come in a variety of different sizes from the smaller 24 inch wide models to the approximately 5 foot wide models. They come in different heights and in the deluxe or economy versions. ( the deluxe versions have a nice looking chrome base). The banner stands usually take a day or so to make ( print and assemble) but they can also be printed and made the same day. In many cases during events and shows, vendors while setting up their booths will discover that they left some of the graphics back home or they simply get damaged while being transported to Las Vegas. In cases like these, the vendors need to have their display graphics made right away so that the show can go on as planned. Las Vegas has many sign stores willing to assist you with same day graphics.





Wrinkle Free Fabric Banners

Fabric Print Backdrop Step and Repeat Banners

Fabric print backdrop step and repeat banners are the new hot item when it comes to large backdrop printing. Fabric print backdrop step and repeat banners are printed on a wrinkle free polyester fabric that looks very good and displays well. Convention vinyl large step and repeat banners will have wrinkles in them if not cared for properly but the wrinkle free fabric always looks great !

Fabric banners are not much more expensive then traditional vinyl banners at around $3.00 a square foot versus the traditional $2.00 a square foot of a vinyl print banner. The vinyl banner is much tougher and durable compared to the fabric banners, but subject to wrinkling if not cared for and stored properly. The fabric material looks much better than a vinyl banner , but is subject to tears  and rips because it is made out of a polyester material. Usually, a pocket is made at the top and bottom of these banners and a pole is then slid into this pocket for the purpose of hanging the fabric banners. Slight tension is then placed on the fabric ( which is stretchable) so the end product is a wrinkle free appearance.

Fabric print backdrop step and repeat banners are very popular at the conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. These large fabric banners can be seen over and over again at places like the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Venetian / Sands Expo. The fabric banners are used in conjunction with an adjustable banner stand or a pipe and drape system.



Foam Core Signs, Foam Bard Signs

Foam Board 22 x 28 Sign Printing

Foam board 22  x  28 sign printing in Las Vegas is available at sign shops that service the event and show industry. Not only are foam core board signs used at trade shows and conventions, they are extremely popular at gas station and quickie marts where point of purchase advertising is very popular. These lightweight, sharp looking signs are the favorites at quickie marts because they can be hung from the ceiling and placed just about anywhere and advertise impulse purchasing of products  at check out counters.

Foam board 22 x 28 sign printing is especially popular at meeting and events where image is everything. These foam board signs look great printed with a laminate on them . They are very professional looking, lightweight and inexpensive. Foam boards are referred to as temporary signage because are used for indoor purposes and usually do not last long because they have a tendency to warp. For indoor and outdoor signs, coroplast signs are used which allows for a longer lasting sign that is made with plastic, but does not look as nice. These signs are also displayed at trade shows and conventions where they are placed on easels or tables and printed with advertising or company information.  Foam board 22 x 28 sign printing is especially popular in Las Vegas because these signs are made with foam board and subject to being damaged easily. By printing and making these signs in Las Vegas, they avoid shipping which is cause for a lot of damage to trade show and convention display signs.  In fact, many vendors and businesses that come often to Las Vegas prefer to have there signs and banners made locally to avoid the high cost of shipping. Knowing that the signs are ready and at the proper location makes people worry less.

Contact a local sign store today if you should find yourself in need of foam board 22 x 28 sign printing.


Dust 4ft x 8ft Signs, Dust Permit Signs

Las Vegas Construction Dust Signs

Las Vegas construction dust signs are mandated by  Clark County Air Quality Management Board when moving earth to construct a building or structure. Clark County Nevada takes pollution mighty serious and regulates the dust that can be put into the air when doing construction. Failure to comply with the Clark County Air Quality Management Boards rules and regulations and cause fines and your construction project to be shut down. More information can be learned form the Clark County Air Quality website.

Construction dust signs usually come in two different sizes. For less than ten acres, a 4ft x 4ft dust sign is required and for properties over 10 acres, a 4ft x 8ft dust sign is required by the Air Quality Management Board. On these signs, the text has to be a certain size along with certain wording on the sign as well. For example, the name of the project, expiration date of the project, contact information, etc. need to be on the sign. The signs nowadays are generally made out of aluminum versus the older style MDO board ( wood). Construction companies like the lighter weight signs because it only takes one person to install a aluminum sign and in cases of where the sign gets hit or run over by large construction equipment, the aluminum sign can be straightened out versus having to replace a broken wood sign. The cost of a 4ft x 4ft sign is $99.00 and the larger 4ft x 8ft sign is $175.00.  The sign is printed on a vinyl substrate and then laminated for protection against the weather elements. The aluminum is weather proof and can withstand rain and the intense heat of summer. if dust renewals are needed, you can simply put a vinyl patch over the dust sign to give your dust sign more life.