Banner Stand Signs

Custom Standing Banner Stands in Vegas

Custom standing banner stands in Vegas can get you that customized or personalized retractable banner stand for your event or show. With the numerous events and shows in Las Vegas, banner stands are in high demand because they are a very popular display graphic at events. Custom standing banner stands can be made to your specific design, are very portable, as they can be placed anywhere indoors as they do not require any attachment for support.

Custom standing banner stands come in many sizes to match your display needs at your event. One of the most popular size is the 33″ wide model that stands around 6.5 feet tall that has around 17 square feet of printable space on it. This 17 square feet can contain logos, any colors you like as well as pictures printed on it. Many customers place pictures of the goods and series they offer on these banner stands. In fact, by placing a couple of banner stands next to each other, it makes a very impressive display because it looks like one solid graphic. The benefits of splitting it up is that you can easily set these stands up in just a few minutes and disassemble them in short time as well, thus avoiding bulky displays that often require several people to set up. Custom standing banner stands do come in different sizes ranging from around 2 feet wide to around 5 feet wide and in different heights. One positive feature these stands offer is that they have an adjustable pole that allows for adjustment of height, so you do not need to have a graphic that matches exactly the size of the retractable banner stand. So if you have a 33″ x 81″ banner stand, you can place a 30″ wide by 75″ tall banner graphic in the stand and it will work just great.






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Poster Sign Printing in Las Vegas Nevada

Poster sign printing in Las Vegas Nevada will get you that custom printed poster you need. These posters are large format printed on thick poster paper, not the cheap 100lb paper that many posters are printed on at copy places in Vegas. Large format printers utilizing the newest technology print your posters with eco solvent or latex inks. These inks are non toxic and environmentally friendly. The colors on the poster are bright and vivid and look very well.

Poster sign printing allows you to make custom size posters for your project. Posters can be as large as 4feet tall by twenty feet long. ( However, the most common size poster is the 20″ x 30″ poster). Businesses use poster paper for their outdoor signage ( parking stands, bulletin boards, etc. ) These posters are made for short term usage and are usually very quick to make and very easy to install. Many music artists and theatres use these posters to promote a concert or play.

Poster sign printing is also huge in the trade shows and conventions that come to Las Vegas. There are hundreds of events and shows yearly that attract millions of people to these shows. Consequently, you will see posters used at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and Sands Expo Center venue locally. Poster sign printing makes lots of posters for these events to help people direct them where to go, list the times of different seminars, and basically assist them by dispersing information about the events they are attending. Of course, the vendors themselves use sign posters to help their clients and people understand about the goods and services they provide.

Poster sign printing is available at most sign shops locally in Las Vegas and many offer poster sign printing in the same day  in special cases.





Banner Stand Signs

Premium Pull Up Banners in Las Vegas

Premium pull up banners in Las Vegas are in high demand at the trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. When vendors want to impress their clients, they use Premium Pull Up Banners ! Premium pull up banners come in many sizes but the most popular size of a deluxe banner stand is the 33″ x 80″ and has a wide chrome base that is very impressive looking.

Premium pull up banners are printed with large format printers that can print bright and vivid colors. The newer large format printers utilize the 8 color ink system that mixes and matches colors to make the best prints ever. It was not too long ago in the history of sign making that signs and banners were made by cutting different color vinyl film and then applying them to  substrate to make signs. Sign making has come a long way and it has never been cheaper than to makes signs and banners than ever before.

Premium pull up banners come in various sizes to make sure you have the right size graphic for the right size job. One of the large premium banner stands is the 36″” wide by 92″ model that makes for a very large graphic. This large retractable banner stand has almost 23 square feet of printable space that allows for a lot of information and pictures to be printed on the banner graphic. By placing two of these premium banner stands together, you end up with almost a 6ft wide by 8 feet tall display that is very portable and easy to set up. This type of system id called a “banner wall” and is growing in popularity at the trade shows and conventions.

Premium pull up banners are made right here in Las Vegas. Contact your favorite sign shop and see how these large graphics can help your display.





Banners and Signs For Grand Opening

Grand Opening Signs and Banners in Vegas

Grand opening signs and banners are needed for every business looking to open up for business. After all, you made the leap to be an entrepreneur and have the store ready to open, why not let the community know through signs and banners that you are now open for business !

Every year businesses open and close in Las Vegas. Much of the closures can be explained by lack of advertising. After all, there really is not any yellow pages anymore, the internet is very expensive to advertise on and other forms of advertising are not cost effective. How do you get known in the community for your business ? Vinyl banners are being used more than ever before. A vinyl banner is a very cost effective method of getting your business recognized. A simple 3ft x 8ft banner is offered by many sign companies for the low price of $39.00. For a measly $39.00 you can have a very colorful banner announcing your grand opening and then place this banner where it can be seen by the thousands of by vehicles that drive by your location every day.  Las Vegas is growing rapidly and the population is swelling and more cars are on the road than ever before. By placing a large banner on your store fence ort building, it will be seen by thousands of people every day.

Grand opening signs and banners can also include “A” frame signs or sidewalk signs that you can place on a sidewalk in front of your store and get noticed by people travelling by. These signs can easily changed out with a new marketing message after you are open for awhile and you can then advertise products and services you offer and specials.

Grand Opening signs and banners are offered by many sign shops in Las Vegas and are a great bargain when opening your store.



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Metal or Wood Real Estate Signs in Vegas

Metal or wood real estate signs are not required to sale real estate, but they sure help. Statistics show that a placement of a real estate sign at a property for sale ( either a commercial property or residential property) 10% of the time will result in a sale because of the sign alone ! If you are the listing agent, a sign is well worth the investment if you can represent the buyer for an additional commission. Real Estate Signs Work !

Metal or wood real estate signs are the most common substrates when making a sign. Aluminum is the preferred substrate on residential properties because it will not rust and will last a long time in the hot summer and cold winters of Southern Nevada. Traditionally, it is the .040 thick aluminum used on real estate signs. The signs have a vinyl application placed on them that is a full color print and then laminated for protection.

Metal or wood real state signs also use the e-panel or dibond panel as well as the MDO wood substrate for outdoor signage where the sign is larger than the traditional 18 x 24 sign. The e-panel is a double sided aluminum panel with a filler panel that gives it rigidity and strength, The MDO wood signage is usually 1/2″ thick and is much like plywood, but has a outer resin panel that gives it a smooth finish and makes it long lasting. Both the larger aluminum and MDO wood real estate signs require sturdy support, usually using the 4″ x 4″ posts for support. The typical life span for these large signs is 2 plus years and with any luck, the listing expires before the sign deteriorates.

Metal or wood real estate signs can be purchased and made locally in the Las Vegas area by professional sign shops. The prices are usually $175 for an aluminum 4ft x 8ft sign and $225 for a MDo wood 4ft x 8ft sign.





Foam Core Signs, Foam Bard Signs

Wholesale Foam Board Sign Printing in Southern Nevada

Wholesale foam board sign printing can get you that custom made foam core board printed and made in Las Vegas. Many businesses come to Las Vega for the tradeshows and conventions and have their foam board signs printed locally in Las Vegas. Partly because shipping the foam boards from back home is a gamble because of the delicate nature of foam core boards, but partly because they are inexpensive in Las Vegas and many foam  boards are printed locally.

Foam core boards are easily damaged in transit. Many times a package will slip and fall on package with foam boards in it and damage the sign. After all, the foam board is made of lightweight foam and is very impressionable. Even placing a hand on the foam board is enough to leave an impression that can be seen on the board. Many foam core board signs are reprinted in Las Vegas because of this reason since the event is not going to wait and the show must go on.

Wholesale foam board sign printing is available in Las Vegas because so many shows and events occur annually in Vegas that sign shops have the necessary equipment to make these foam board signs in a hurry. Same  day foam board signs is not unheard of and neither is next day foam boards. Grant it that there are extra steps required in the foam board process, but they can be made very quickly.

Many vendors prefer to have all their signs and banners printed in Las Vegas to save storage and shipping fees. The unions in Las Vegas have a large control of the convention venues and it is often mandatory that your signs and banners need to be handled by union labor if they are stores in advance of a show. By having your graphics printed locally, you could save a lot of money.



Wrinkle Free Fabric Banners

Vegas Custom Fabric Step and Repeat Banners

Vegas custom fabric step and repeat banners are increasing in popularity because they can now be printed on wrinkle free fabric for the many trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas. often, a conventionally printed vinyl banner will have a wrinkle in it because it was handled improperly, but fabric polyester banners are printed on a polyester fabric which makes them blemish free.

Vegas custom fabric step and repeat banners are being used at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. Businesses and vendors are placing these fabric banners at the back of display booths and printing their company name on them or there products and services so that while they stand in front of them talking to customers, the customers can look at what they offer. In addition, pictures are being taken against then so that from no matter what angle the picture is taken, the company name or products can be seen in the background, much like you see at the Oscars or Academy Award ceremonies.

Vegas custom fabric step and repeat banners are also very popular at night clubs around Las Vegas because the tourists love to take their pictures against these backdrop banners because it allows them to show their friends back home where they have been. Night clubs like it because they promote their brand name to many people and gain future customers.

Vegas custom fabric step and repeat banners are not expensive and average about $3.00 a square foot compared to the price of around $2.00 a square foot for a vinyl banner used for step and repeat. Fabric banners are much nicer and are wrinkle free, but there is a issue if they snare or rip as they are more sensitive to that type of damage than a backdrop banner printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material.






Window Signs

Business Door Window Hour Lettering in Vegas

Business door window hour lettering is an  unofficial mandatory task for all new businesses to do. How are people going to find you if you do not have your front door glass covered in vinyl lettering displaying your name and hours of business ? Business door window hour lettering is just placing your name of your business and business hours on your front door of your store in simple shite lettering. If you look around to other stores and businesses, most everybody does it. And they do it for a simple reason, it works !

Business door window hour lettering is not expensive and a very simple task to do. The vinyl lettering itself is very cheap and inexpensive at a cost of around $25 for the lettering and it is something you can install yourself. Business door window hour lettering are individual letters cut on white vinyl but a special transfer tape is applied and all the letters are actually combined and then placed as one unit on the door, rather than having to apply several individual letters to the glass. It’s a simple process and there are many You Tube videos showing exactly how to do it. If not, your sign company will be able to refer you to someone that will be able to do it.

Most businesses prefer to have a couple of things included on the front business door lettering:

1. Name of Business

2. Hours of Operation

3. Telephone Number or email address

4. Website address

Traditionally this lettering is around 1/2″ to around 3″ tall and staggered because having the same size lettering of four or five lines is difficult to read.

Business door window hour lettering can be designed at a sig store in Las Vegas. Simply have your wording planned and let the sig company know and they will design up your front door lettering very quickly, because it is a simple process.




Vegas Home Builder Signs

Custom Wood Real Estate Signs in Vegas

Custom wood real estate signs in Vegas are in front of commercial properties and vacant land all over the Las Vegas area. It has been said that 10% of all real estate transactions occur because of a real estate sign on the property. With that kind of knowledge, why not get the biggest and best sign possible so that you can increase your chance of selling the property as well as listing the property for a dual commission !

Custom wood real estate signs in Vegas are not expensive as you might imagine. The cost of a wood MDO commercial real estate sign is around $125.00 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and about $225.00 for a 4ft x 8ft. wood real estate sign. ( You can also get these large real estate signs in aluminum as well for less money) Custom wood real estate signs are just that, custom made and printed with the information that YOU want on them. Most realtors place the broker’s name, their name and contact information as well as other pertinent information about the property like square footage, utilities, zoning and terms. Also, if the real estate agent chooses, they can also have their picture placed on the sign as well. GLVAR realtors sometimes like to have their pictures on the signs because they like people to see them and it works well for future referrals.

Custom wood real estate signs are securely placed at the site of the property with strong 4″ x 4″ wood posts that can withstand the intense wind that Las Vegas sometimes has. These signs can be placed vertically as well ( 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall ) so as to really look impressive to people driving by.

Custom wood real estate signs are available at sign stores in the Las Vegas area that make real estate signs.




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Vinyl Banner Printing and Sign Printing

Vinyl banner printing and sign printing are great search terms to find that sign store in Las Vegas that can print your signs and banners. Every business needs signs from simple door hour signs to large pylon signs that let everybody know they are in business.

There is a saying in the sign business that goes like this” A business without a sign is a sign of no business” and that is the truth. Las Vegas businesses and stores need to have signs to let people know who and what they are.

Sign printing is now done with the use of large format printers that can print signs and banners very fast. These large printers are capable of printing a couple of hundred of square feet of signs and banners an hour with amazing quality and in an array of colors. These banners and signs are bright and colorful and pictures can be printed on them as well. Actually, the cost of sign and banner printing has gone down over the last several years with the speed of the printing machines increasing  and the lower cost of ink that is now safer than ever before. These inks are environmentally friendly and non toxic and have a terrific outdoor life before they start fading. Fading is especially important in the Las Vegas area where temperatures get very hot in the summer time.

Vinyl banner printing and sign printing is an important part of your business. Many businesses use banners to advertise to their customers by simply installing them on their premises so that potential customers can see them as they drive by. This low cost approach to advertising is a very effective form of advertising that is much more cost effective than newspaper advertising or mailbox mailers.

Vinyl banner printing and sign printing is available at your local sign store.