Store Door Lettering Signs in Vegas

Store door lettering signs  in Vegas are very common and most stores have them. A simple sign on your door can answer many questions to the people that come to your establishment during business hours and after you closed. If someone approached your business after you were closed, a simple $25 sign on your front door ( door vinyl lettering ) would be enough to educate your customer as to your hours of operation and when they could back.

Store door lettering signs are not difficult to install and there are many You Tube videos on the internet that can walk you through the installation process. While some people might think that you have to individually place each letter on the window and line it up, that is not the case.  After your lettering is plotted out on the vinyl color of your choice,  transfer tape is placed on top of the vinyl lettering so that it all sticks together. To transfer the lettering, simply pull on the transfer tape and the vinyl letters ( with the sticky part on the back ) will pull off and then you can attach the lettering to the window. Then simply pull the transfer tape off ( the transfer tape does not have the sticking power of the adhesive on the vinyl lettering and will pull off easy). The most difficult part of installing store door lettering signs is making sure your lettering is centered and not crooked when installing. That is resolved with a simple tape measure where you make sure the distance from the top of the glass is the same on both sides and the same as from the end of the glass.

Store door lettering signs are an inexpensive way to advertise your business. Store door lettering signs will last a very long time since vinyl has a 5 year life.