Las Vegas Custom Banner Stand Printing 2021

Las Vegas Stand Up Signs and Stands

Las Vegas stand up signs and stands can get you that upright banner stand printed for your event or show. Stand up signs and stands are a very popular graphic at events and shows where space is limited. These portable banner stands can be moved around and are self supporting, meaning that they do not need to be affixed to anything to be displayed. They are lightweight and easy to move around which also makes them a favorite. When full extended, a banner stand consists of 17 square feet of print and more depending upon the size. That is lots of room for pictures and logos to help promote what you are trying to sell.

Las Vegas stand up signs and stands come in many sizes such as the 33″ x 78″ model ( the most popular banner stand) to the extra wide 57″ x 78″ banner stand. In addition , there are many deluxe banner stand models that have a wide chrome base with a height of 92″ ( almost 8 feet tall ) that are available . Las Vegas stand up signs and stands can also be made to stand next to each other for a quick set up of a large display. For example, you would take one large design, lets say 10 feet across and split the design into three banner stands, each one printed with part of the graphic on it. By placing the stands next to each other, the graphic will appear to be one large graphic.  Many vendors prefer this type of set up because they can carry in the banner stand signs themselves without the assistance of union labor to set it up and save a lot of money. Anybody that has been to Las Vegas conventions and dealt with the unions can understand that.

Las Vegas stand up signs and stands can be purchased at sign stores that service the convention and trade shows.



Store Door Lettering Signs in Vegas

Store door lettering signs  in Vegas are very common and most stores have them. A simple sign on your door can answer many questions to the people that come to your establishment during business hours and after you closed. If someone approached your business after you were closed, a simple $25 sign on your front door ( door vinyl lettering ) would be enough to educate your customer as to your hours of operation and when they could back.

Store door lettering signs are not difficult to install and there are many You Tube videos on the internet that can walk you through the installation process. While some people might think that you have to individually place each letter on the window and line it up, that is not the case.  After your lettering is plotted out on the vinyl color of your choice,  transfer tape is placed on top of the vinyl lettering so that it all sticks together. To transfer the lettering, simply pull on the transfer tape and the vinyl letters ( with the sticky part on the back ) will pull off and then you can attach the lettering to the window. Then simply pull the transfer tape off ( the transfer tape does not have the sticking power of the adhesive on the vinyl lettering and will pull off easy). The most difficult part of installing store door lettering signs is making sure your lettering is centered and not crooked when installing. That is resolved with a simple tape measure where you make sure the distance from the top of the glass is the same on both sides and the same as from the end of the glass.

Store door lettering signs are an inexpensive way to advertise your business. Store door lettering signs will last a very long time since vinyl has a 5 year life.


Premium 33 x 80 Banner Stands in Vegas

Trade Show Pop Up Banners

Trade show pop up banners are a inexpensive graphic display being used at trade shows in Las Vegas. You can see these trade show pop up banners being used by the majority of vendors at the three big convention venues:

1. Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

3. Sands Expo

Trade Show pop up banners come in many sizes to match your needs. They are popular with vendors and people displaying at trade shows because they are inexpensive and very easy to set up. These banner stands can be set up in a couple of minutes and taken down in short time. Another advantage of trade show pop up banners is that they can be carried into the venue without the assistance of union labor, which is quite expensive.

Trade show pop up banners can also be made to look like a large one unit display. Businesses will often design a very large display and simply cut it up into smaller sections and then place these smaller designs onto several banner stands ( of the same height and type) and then simply place the banner stands next to each other so that it looks like one very large graphic.

Trade show pop up displays come in many sizes ranging from about 2 feet wide by about 6 feet wide. The heights vary from 78″ tall to almost 8 feet tall. They all come with an adjustable height pole that allows them to be adjusted for height and a convenient carrying case.  These banner stands are lightweight and easy to transport and shipping can be arranged to your hotel.

Many vendors prefer to have their trade show pop up banners made in Las Vegas to avoid any type of shipping issues such as lost or damaged goods. Another reason is that vendors prefer to know that their pop up stands are waiting for them in Vegas.



Vegas Store Sign Lettering

Store Window Sticker Signs For Advertising.

Store window sticker signs are a low cost approach to advertising your business. Since window glass is not regulated too much for signage, why not take advantage of the free space on your store windows and place advertising ?

Store window sticker signs are cheap advertisement. Window stickers are generally plotted vinyl material that allows letters to be cut out and then stuck to your store’s windows, much like a bumper sticker. For example, most stores have vinyl lettering on their front doors in white vinyl that identifies their company name, business hours and a phone number. This simple lettering is easy to make and usually is in the $25.00 range.  A competent person can apply the stickers themselves ( as it comes in a large one piece sign)  and save money in the application from hiring a sign professional to go out and apply ( usually around $50 – $60.00 ) The color of the door hours is usually white, as it gives off easy reading and is not hard to read in direct or indirect sunlight and shadows.

In addition to door hours on windows, a store can also place vinyl lettering to let people know what products they sell. For example, if you are a fast food restaurant that specializes in Hispanic food, you could list:

1. Tacos

2. Burritos

3. Enchiladas

4. Taquitos

5. etc.

By listing some or all of the food that you sell, you let people walking or driving by what type of food you offer in the hopes of enticing them to eat at your restaurant. This lettering is not only effective on store windows, it is also very cheap and it is something you can install yourself. There are many short videos on You Tube that you can learn the installation process. You can save money and custom design your own store windows at little cost.





Vegas Banners

Cheap Now Open Banners and Signs in Vegas

Cheap now open banners and signs in Vegas will help you have a successful business by letting everybody know that you are “now Open” for business. People will mistakenly believe you are still preparing to open your business because for weeks they have seen activity at the store but it not being open. By placing a ” Opening Soon Banner” or a ” Coming Soon Banner”, it will assist them in letting you know you are getting ready to open your store.

Cheap now open banners and signs will announce to the community you are open for business at a cheap price. These banners and signs are not expensive. For example, at Posterhead Signs in Las Vegas, you can get a 3ft x 8ft banner for $39.00 that is full color and can also include pictures on the banner as well. These $39.00 banners are printed directly onto a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent inks( inks designed not to fade in the hot Las Vegas sun), hemmed and then grommets are placed every two feet at the top and bottom to make it easy to hang your banner so that everybody can see. Of course you can buy other size banners as well ranging from a simple one foot tall by 5 feet wide all the way up to 10ft tall by 50 feet wide. Vinyl banners can be custom made to the size you need for your Grand Opening and subsequent needs. The higher the banner is on your storefront, the bigger it needs to be because it is farther away from people.

Cheap now open banners and signs can be designed and made at local sign stores all over the Las Vegas valley. Choose a sign store that has the right tools to do your sign work and form a partnership with them that will last throughout the years of your business.





Las Vegas Cloth Fabric Step Repeat Banners

Cheap Step and Repeat Signs in Las Vegas

Cheap step and repeat signs in Las Vegas are being used for that one time show in Las Vegas where a background banner is needed. There is constantly events and shows scheduled daily for different trade groups and organizations that require many different types of signs and banners. At these events, step and repeat banner signs is growing in popularity.

A step and repeat sign is basically where you have logos or name and you alternately place these logos on a design and then print it out on a fabric banner or vinyl banner. The banner is then placed in the background and it acts as a visual reinforcement of the company that is represented or acts as a prop in which pictures are taken against. These types of step and repeat banner signs are very popular at big time events in Hollywood like the Emmys or Academy Awards ceremonies where stars pose in front of the step and repeat signs and their pictures are taken. However, if you notice, from no matter what angle the picture of the star is taken, the logos can be seen in the background that promotes the event.

Cheap step and repeat signs are being used by nite clubs in the Vegas area to promote their clubs. Tourists take their selfies in front of the step and repeat signs and then show them off to their friends back home. This acts as a form of self promotion that helps the club gain in popularity and attracts more tourists.

Cheap step and repeat signs are just that, inexpensive. Cheap step and repeat signs cost around $2.00 a square foot for a 13 ounce vinyl banner material and around $3.00 a square foot to be printed on a fabric polyester material. The polyester fabric step and repeat banner is wrinkle free and makes a nicer impression.


Realtor Signs

Commercial Real Estate Wood For Sale Signs

Commercial real estate wood for sale signs are popular with realtors in Las Vegas who offer commercial properties and land for sale. There is a saying in the real estate business that a sign will lead to 10% of the time to a sale. Think about that ! In the age of the internet and everybody going online to shop for property, a real estate sign will result in 10% of all sales !

Commercial real estate wood for sale signs are made with 1/2″ MDO board. This is basically a piece of plywood with a outer resin coat that gives the sign a smooth finish. These signs are than placed in front of commercial properties for sale and vacant land. Since these types of properties usually take awhile to sale, the realtors want a sign that will last for a long time. Commercial real estate wood for sale signs will last a long time, even in the intense heat that Las Vegas has during the summer months. They are typically supported by 4 x 4 wood posts for strength so that they do not blow over in the high winds of Vegas.

Commercial real estate wood for sale signs usually contain the following information about the property:

1. Broker’s Name

2. Realtor’s Name

3. Realtor’s Contact Information – Telephone-email address-website

4. Information about the property like zoning, utilities, square footage etc.

5. Picture

Commercial real estate wood for sale signs are not expensive. The typical 4ft x 8ft long sign is $225 and the smaller sign, the 4ft x 4ft sign sells for around $125.00. ( The cost for these signs in aluminum is 4ft x 8ft for $175.00 and 4ft x 4ft for $99.00 ) These signs are full color and you can have your picture printed on the sign as well at no additional cost.

Contact a local sign company like if you should need large real estate signs.




Las Vegas Custom Banner Stand Printing 2021

Banner Pop Up Stands in Las Vegas

Banner pop up stands in Las Vegas are in high demand during the convention and trade show season. Even though conventions and trade shows happen year round in Las Vegas, the January through May time period is known as the “season”. The trade shows and conventions bring millions of visitors to Las Vegas that fill our restaurants and hotels while bringing you the best events and shows in the world. The CES event ( Consumer Electronic Show) brings hundreds of thousands of visitors alone with the most modern electronics and accessories alone. All these events and shows need many signs and banner stands to be able to fully display a companies products and services.

Banner pop up stands are everywhere at the trade show and conventions. These easy to set up banner displays are used extensively because of there price and how easy they are to set up. Unfortunately, many  businesses that are displaying at the conventions and trade shows use a shipping company to send their graphics and find out at the last minute they did not arrive in time or arrived damaged. In cases like this, businesses need to find a local sign store that can replace your graphics in a hurry. Las Vegas has many sign stores that have the necessary equipment to be able to replace those banners at the last minute. Many times a banner stand can be made the same day or the next day by local sign stores that have their own equipment . ( It is important to choose a sign store that does not broker out work because of lack of the necessary equipment, always ask if they have their own printers on premises)

Banner pop up stands come in many prices and sizes and are a very popular display graphic at events. Contact a local sign store if you find yourself in need of one.




Vegas Store Sign Lettering

Business Window Decals and Stickers

Business window decals and stickers are low cost advertising that will really pay off for your business. Business window decals and stickers are easy to place on your stores windows and door so that they get the attention of customers. Everybody always has their front door or nearby glass with the companies name and hours of operation on them to help customer know their hours of operation.

One of the first signs a company places on their building is the door hours sticker with their name, hours or operation and telephone number and other important information. This helps customer’s ascertain certain business information about them. It is low cost because the average price for door hours is about $25.00 with do it yourself application. If people need assistance applying these vinyl letters to their glass, there are numerous tutorials on You Tube that can illustrate how to apply them easily.

Business window decals and stickers also include window lettering in vinyl or window perforation film. Window perforation film is what you see on McDonald’s windows where they have printed advertisement about their products on the windows and that is all you can see, but the people inside can see out just fine. Stickers on windows in different colors can be seen from far away. That is why stores like to use their windows as a a form of almost free advertisement. By placing vinyl letters across a window big enough for people to see driving by, this low cost signage really pays off. For example, a pizza take out place might advertise a large 2 topping pizza special that attracts people driving by the street in front of the store.

Business Window Decals and Stickers can be purchased at sign stores like , these vinyl stickers are inexpensive and a great investment for the dollar.



Las Vegas Custom Banner Stand Printing 2021

One Day Retractable Banner Stands in Las Vegas

One day retractable banner stands in Las Vegas are needed for when your banner stand gets lost or damaged. Since Las Vegas is the KING of trade shows and conventions, may signs and banners are needed for the hundreds of shows and events that occur annually in Vegas. Retractable Banner stands are one of the most popular graphic displays that are at these events, partly because they are easy to set up, come in many sizes and lastly, very portable and easy to set up.

One day retractable banner stands and same day retractable banner stands are needed in a city where everyday there are events and shows. Not a day goes by that one of the large casino hotels or convention venues are not holding an event.  It’s when these  vendors are setting up there booths they realize that a banner stand or some other graphic has been damaged or missing. In many cases, its the shipping company that fails to deliver on time because of weather, mechanic breakdowns, or lost displays. That is why many vendors and businesses coming to Las Vegas prefer to have their graphics made locally to avoid such inconveniences. However, there are many sign companies like that have the printing equipment and stock to get your banner stand made the same day or next day.

One day retractable banner stands come in many different sizes and also in different substrates such as 13 ounce banner material or poly anti curl material. The banner graphics are printed with the help of large format printers that print with great quality in colors that are bright and vivid. The newer large format printers are using 8 colors that mix and match to make the pictures even more life like. Contact your local sign store today if you need a one day or same day banner stand.