Convention Signs

Inexpensive Pop Up Displays in Vegas

Inexpensive pop up displays are available for trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. Inexpensive pop up displays are great for the backdrops of vendor booths where customers are looking at you and also looking at pictures of your products or services behind you. Inexpensive pop up displays work as a visual reinforcement of what you are speaking to them about.

Inexpensive pop up displays are just that, cheap in price but not quality. Businesses coming into Las Vegas for one of the trade shows or conventions love these inexpensive pop up displays because they can pick them up locally, display them at the show and then simply discard them afterwards and fly home. Some will save the frame so they just have to order the tension fabric print for the next show. Of course, some will save the whole display and use them over and over again at different shows. Since the fabric polyester print is machine washable, they simply clean it and it is ready for the next show.

Sign store in Las Vegas often run special pricing on these displays and you should check around to get the best pricing. Right now, Posterhead Signs is offering a 10ft curved fabric display with print for five hundred dollars. Other sign stores have other specials going on. Many vendors prefer to pick up their display stands in Las Vegas because of shipping difficulties that sometimes end up with a damaged graphic or the pop up display not showing up at all. By ordering your graphics in Las Vegas, you are assured they will be here when you need them most. Nothing is more frustrating than to be at one of the conventions and having no display graphics while you are standing around because nobody takes you seriously. This actually happens quite frequently.