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Wholesale Pop Up Display Signs

Wholesale pop up display signs are available in Las Vegas for the trade shows and conventions. Signs and banners for the trade shows and conventions held at Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo and Mandalay Bat Convection Center is big business. Consequently, many sign companies in Las Vegas offer discounts to businesses that come into Las Vegas for events and shows. One company, Posterhead Signs,  is offering a 10ft wide curved Pop Up fabric display for $500.00

Pop Up display signs are increasing in popularity at shows because they are a large, easy portable display sign that can be used at many trade shows. The fabric is machine washable and is easily washed at home and will look new for the next show. The fabric is fully printable in any color or colors and can have people and logos printed on it as well. The fabric made of polyester is stretchable and easily fits over a frame snug which causes your pop up display to be wrinkle free. Because they are so large, you can place lots of product images on the display along with a lot of text to help explain what you are about or what products you are promoting. Wholesale pop up display sings can be set up by one person in a matter of a few minutes. Best of all, they can be walked into a trade show venue because the whole package comes in a carrying case and you do not have to hire expensive union labor. ( which saves a lot of money)

Wholesale pop up display signs in Las Vegas are plentiful because of the amount of  business  the trade shows and conventions bring to Las Vegas and the sign stores that service the business. Contact a sign store today to see how they can help you.