Convention Signs

Affordable Fabric Pop Up Displays

Affordable fabric pop up displays are great for background displays at vendor booths at the major convention venues in Las Vegas. Affordable fabric pop up displays can be seen at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the famous Sands Expo in Las Vegas. These popular popup displays are affordable and can be used over and over again at different exhibits and events. They are easy to set up and require no expensive union labor to be set up in the venues because they can simply be walked into the event.

Affordable fabric pop up displays generally come in 3 different sizes. There is a 6 ft. table top model that sits on top of a table, a 8 ft. model that comes in different versions such as the straight model, curved model and “S” model and the 10 ft. model that comes in the same versions as the 8 ft. model. All these pop up displays come with a carrying case on are printed on a polyester fabric that is wrinkle free. Simply put, all these models have a structure on them and then a fabric print is placed over the structure and stretched to make a wrinkle free appearance. The  fabric print is full color and can have pictures, logos, names, etc. printed on it as well as any combination of colors you want. Also, the fabric is machine washable so that each time it is used, it will appear as new. In addition, once you have purchased the pop up display, you can simply change out the fabric print so that you do not have to buy another display.

Affordable pop up displays are available in the Las Vegas area at sign stores that service the trade show industry. They are generally located adjacent to the trade show venues.