Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Affordable Custom Table Covers and Tablecloths

Affordable custom table covers and tablecloths are increasing in popularity at private exhibits and events. These affordable and low cost custom printed tablecloths can be made for standard 6 foot and 8 foot tables to make them very impressive and cover up a scratched or damaged ugly bare table.

Affordable custom table covers and tablecloths are also being used at trade shows in Las Vegas. Businesses seem to love having these tablecloths in their booths covering up standard tables as a way to help promote their business and products. They simply place these tablecloths on their tables and turn it into a graphic display. Best of all, these fabric table covers can be machine washed and used over and over again at many different events. No special care is needed for these table cloths. If you combine a table cover and a couple of banner stands for your vendor booth, you pretty much have everything needed for an impressive display. Best of all, it can be set up easily and taken down very quickly after an event and does not require union or other expensive labor which can add up very quickly.

Affordable custom covers and tablecloths are just that, inexpensive. These fabric print table covers are printed in full color and cost around $135.00 for the 6 foot or 8 foot models. Different versions of the table cloths are available such as a 3 sided or full cover at the same low cost. These fabric custom printed table throws are specially printed and the turnaround time is around 4 working days. Design templates are available.

Get your custom printed table cover today at one of the many sign stores located adjacent to the convention and trade show venues. Many customers prefer to have the tablecloth picked up in Las Vegas to avoid any difficulties with shipping.