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Wholesale Fabric Pop Up Displays in Vegas

Wholesale fabric pop up displays in Vegas are available for the many trade shows and conventions held annually in Las Vegas. Wholesale fabric pop up displays in Vegas make for great background display graphics at these shows and come in many different set ups. Here is a link to some of the may different types available . As you can see, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most needs.

The two most common pop up fabric displays are the eight foot model and the ten foot model . These seem to be the sizes most vendors want for their trade show booths. The models can be carried into the show pavilion and set up by one person and this is great because it saves on expensive union labor fees that add up quickly and can severely damage a trade show budget. One of the advantages that these pop up displays offer is that the hardware can be used again at other shows with a new fabric print so that the marketing message is always right on target for your audience.

Wholesale fabric pop up displays use a sublimation type printing system that prints directly onto a 9oz polyester fabric . This stretchable fabric is then pulled over the pop up frame for a snug , wrinkle free fit.  The wholesale fabric pop up display comes with a carrying bag that allows for easy transportation and the whole system weighs under 30 lbs. Set up time is 10 minutes or less and can be performed by a single person. The lead time for these graphic display stands is about 5 working days.

Wholesale fabric pop up displays are available at sign stores that cater to the trade show and convention venues. They are generally located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip.