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Las Vegas Realtor Yard Signs

Las Vegas Realtor Yard Signs are needed by real estate agents to sell property . In such a “Hot” real estate market you might ask, why do you even need to put out a real estate sign if offers are pouring in the same day the property is listed ? The answer is simple, you get a shot at representing the buyer on the property and best of all, the neighbors get to see your sign and you have an opportunity to represent them if they are looking to sell ? Why not use an agent that just sold a property in the neighborhood ? More information about why you want a realtor sign can be found at :¬†.

Realtor yard signs are nor expensive and a very cost effective way to get your personal information out in front of the public. The standard realtor yard sign measures 18″ x 24″ and is made with .040 thick aluminum. A printed vinyl application is applied to the realtor yard sign substrate and then the sign is laminated to protect it against the rain and fading. Fading is an important issue in Las Vegas because during the summer months, it gets very hot and the sun’s rays have a tendency to make colors fade. The laminate on the sign protects it against fading. These realtor yard signs generally cost around $30 and many sign companies offer a discount to GLVAR members ( the local real estate professional organization).¬†Realtor yard signs can have the agents pictures printed on them as well as having logos printed on them in full color. However, many of the prettier real estate agents prefer not to have their pictures on their signs as it sometimes causes issues.

Realtor yard signs can be found at local Las Vegas sign stores at very good pricing. See how a realtor yard sign can help you.