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Custom Real Estate Sign Printing in Las Vegas

Custom real estate sign printing can get you that special real estate sign you want for your listing. While many real estate companies in Las Vegas offer generic real estate sign blanks where the agent just has to put in their name and contact information, many agents want something beyond that. What they do not realize is that they an have that custom printed sign for the same price as a generic sign ! Companies like Posterhead Signs ( info can be found at ) offer custom real estate sign printing at an affordable price.

Custom real estate sign printing is not expensive. These 18″ x 24″ .040 aluminum signs ( standard of the industry) cost around $30.00 each. Some sign companies are Member Benefit Partners with the GLVAR and offer special pricing to there members. These real estate signs are printed on a vinyl substrate and then attached to the aluminum and then laminated so as to make sure the sign lasts a long time in the heat of the Las Vegas summers. These custom printed signs can be a variety of colors and include your pictures or logos printed on the signs at no additional costs. While some female agents prefer to have their pictures on the signs as a mean of marketing, some attractive agents do not as it cause unwarranted attention to them.

Custom real estate sign printing is not limited to standard signs, many agents prefer different sizes like the 2ft x 2ft or a 24″ x 30″. In addition, custom sign printing also extends to the bigger signs, the 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft aluminum or wood signs that are found in front of vacant land or commercial buildings to help sell or lease a property.

Custom real estate sign printing can be found at sign stores all around the Las Vegas area or through the GLVAR.