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Las Vegas Post and Panel Signs

Las Vegas post and panel signs are common signage for the real estate and construction fields in town. Las Vegas post and panel signs work very well in the outdoor weather and can withstand the intense heat of the summer sun. These signs are normally 1/2 MDO board and are used by:

1. Construction Companies

2. Real Estate Professionals

3. Government

4. Property Managers and many others.

What is a MDO sign board ?

MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay,  a paintable wood surface made of plywood with a tough, weather resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure to form one unit. These MDO boards come in various thicknesses, similar to plywood. The 1/2 thick MDO board is most common by they also make 3/4″ and 1 ” thick boards as well. Full color vinyl prints are then printed with large format printers and then attached to the MDO wood panels, then laminated with outdoor laminate to help protect against fading. The life expectancy of these signs is 2 to 3 years and then fading will occur and / or splintering of the wood. The Las Vegas summer heat is really tough on most signs, cars, houses, etc. with nothing lasting as long as it is suppose to. The average battery life of a car cattery is just 2 summers in Las Vegas, even though you can buy 7 year warrantied batteries.

These post and panel signs can be seen very often in the area and are used quite frequently in a v shape so that the sign can be seen from oncoming traffic in both directions. They are used often in front of properties that are for lease or for sale by realtors and also used quite extensively at construction sites where a construction company wants to let everybody know what they are building or for branding by the construction company of their name.

Post and panel signs can be purchased at local sign companies in Las Vegas.