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The Signs and Sites of Las Vegas

The signs and sites of Las Vegas go further than just the hotels and gambling halls. Las Vegas is the city of signs. We are known for other nicknames and slogans like “Sin City” and ” What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas”. But beyond marketing ploys, Las Vegas has some of the finest signs in the world that light up the Las Vegas Strip. Some of these signs cost more than a million dollars to build and require extensive maintenance to operate. It seems the biggest and brightest of the signs are a symbol of success. An old saying in the sign industry goes ” A Business With No Sign is a Sign of No Business ”

The famous Vegas Strip can be seen from space and hundreds of miles away if you are traveling in a vehicle because of the amount of light that it is produced. Millions of lights bulbs are used in the sign building process that makes the extravagant casino signs.  In fact, older casino signs are considered a part of the Las Vegas culture and a special museum has been established for the signs with the historical significance of the signs explained.  The location of the museum is just North of the Downtown area on Bonanza and Las Vegas Blvd. More information can be learned at https://bit.ly/2sx5t6F. Just around a mile away is the famous Mob Museum at 300 E. Stewart St. where additional history about how the mob influenced the development  and cultural development od Southern Nevada.

The signs and sites of Las Vegas are fun to tour. When in Vegas, you should take the time away from the casinos, pools and other festivities and take the opportunity to learn about its heritage at the Mob Museum and Sign Museum. These are fun tours and will simply amaze you in return.