Backdrop Banner Printing

Step and Repeat Signs

Step and repeat signs are very popular at many of the events that happen weekly in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is competing with places like Hollywood for movie premieres and award shows. At the events, there are always movie or television stars posing in front of a backdrop to have their pictures taken. On these backdrops are the events sponsors name alternately placedĀ in sequence so that they can be seen from any angle from which a photograph is taken. Sponsors of the events love this formĀ of advertising because the photographs are typically placed in newspapers and magazines so that they can be seen by millions of people.

Step and repeat signs are usually printed on a fabric material ( 9 oz. polyester) or on a banner material with eco solvent inks or latex inks. These inks are made for both indoor and outdoor use and are bright and vivid in their colors. The newer large format printers can also print at very fast speeds, which in return has brought down the price of step and repeat signs to around $2.00 a square foot. Far less of a price than would have been paid just 5 years ago. These step and repeat signs come in many different sizes, with the 8ft by 8ft. step repeat sign and the 10ft by 10ft step and repeat sign the most popular choices. However, when at large events, a 8ft x 50ft backdrop step and repeat is not unheard of. These backdrop banners can be saved and used over and over again.

Step and repeat signs are available at many Las Vegas area sign companies. Most sign shops can print them and design them because they are used to do many of these types of banners because of the number of events in Vegas that require them.