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Telescopic Adjustable Banner Stands

Telescopic adjustable banner stands are becoming the new norm in Las Vegas for retractable banner stands. Telescopic adjustable banner stands allows you to adjust the height of your banner stand so that you get that perfect fit and requires no bleed for design. The poles that hold the graphic upright are telescopic and can be adjusted accordingly with minimal ease.

Telescopic adjustable banner stands can be found here: . These retractable upright banner stands come in many different sizes and various prices from $89 up. The most popular size of telescopic adjustable banner stand is the 33″ x 78″ stand that comes with printed graphic, stand and carrying case that sells for under $100.00  Many sign companies in the Las Vegas area that service the event and show industry can make these stands for you very quickly, often in the same day. Delivery to event centers and casinos is always an option and many customers just use Lyft or Uber to pick up and deliver the finished products for them, rather than face the Las Vegas strip traffic congestion.

In addition to telescopic adjustable banner stands, people displaying at events and shows at places like the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center or Sands Expo, use banners and other types of signage to complete their booth set ups. Many vendors like step and repeat banners as backdrops for pictures and information and simple vinyl banners are great for quick and easy backdrops that can help promote your show or products.

Telescopic adjustable banner stands can be found at a variety of sign companies that are located adjacent to the Las Vegas strip. Simply do a Google internet search with the term ” signs near me” and you should be able to locate a sign company near you that can assist you with your graphic needs.




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Custom Printed Banner Signs

Custom printed banner signs can help your business grow through inexpensive advertising. Custom printed banner signs are much cheaper than television or printed media and have a very high effective rate of return on your investment. These custom printed banner signs can be made in many different sizes and colors to help market your products and services

Custom printed banner signs cost around $2.00 a square foot and includes simple designing, hemming of the banner for perimeter reinforcement and placing grommets on the banner so that it can be hung easily. Normally, these banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl scrim banner material using latex or eco solvent inks so that they can withstand the sun, water and other  elements of Mother Nature.  Large format printers print these custom banners at very fast speeds which cause the banner to be cheaper than ever before since a great amount of manpower and time is saved. These banners come in various sizes from 1 foot tall to over 50 feet in length. Printing a banner 10ft x 50 feet is no problem with these newer, faster large format printers.

Custom banners are loved by the business community because they can be hung at their location so that they can be seen by the hundred. if not thousands of cars  that drive by their location every day. Many businesses next to the freeway especially take advantage of custom printed banners and make very large ones so that they an be hung on their buildings and noticed by the thousands of cars that drive the freeways in Las Vegas every single day. The spaghetti bowl in Las Vegas is a perfect example of where the furniture places in Las Vegas use large banners to attract customers as they drive by daily.

See how these custom printed banners can help your business get more business !


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Standee Banner Stands in Vegas

Standee banner stands in Las Vegas are one of the most popular banner graphics at events and shows. Las Vegas is the top trade show and convention place in the United States and more conventions and trade shows are held here in Vegas that bring millions of people from all over the world to attend. many of the vendors that display at these shows use standee banner stands as their graphics to help illustrate their goods and services they are offering. These stand up banner stands can be found at places like this in Vegas :

Standee banner stands come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your graphic needs. The most popular standee banner stand is the 33″ x 78″ banner stand with adjustable pole that allows for the exact adjustment of your stand graphic. This model also comes with a carrying case to make it easy to travel with. The whole kit, standee stand, printed graphic and case sells for less than $100.00.   There are many other standee banner stands ranging from approx. 24″ wide all the way to around 5ft wide. These retractable banner stands come in the standard and deluxe models as well.

Standee banner stands do not take a long time to make. Its a simple print on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material or a anti curl banner material and then attaching it to the stand. Standee banner stands can be made very quickly, often within hours if necessary. Sign companies in Las Vegas have many rush orders because banner stands and other graphics often get lost or damaged and need to be replaced quickly and at a low price. Many sign making facilities are located adjacent to the Las Vegas strip so that banners and signs can be made quickly and then delivered in a short amount of time so that events can go on as planned.






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Poster Banner Stands For Events

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Poster banner stands are for events, shows, trade shows and conventions. These poster banner stands are used quite frequently at these events because they are easy to set up, contain a large amount of information or graphics and can be made in many different sizes. Poster banner stands stand alone and can be placed anywhere and remain upright indoors. They can be found in Las Vegas at sign companies that make them like

Poster banner stands can be full color ( meaning you can have as many colors on the graphic as you would like ) contain pictures and logos and even caricatures as seen at Poster banner stands come in many sizes, but the 33″ wide model seems to be the most popular model on the market. These poster banner stands have the adjustable pole feature that allows for the graphic to be adjusted for the stand in order to get that perfect height. Its the preferred banner stand since other banner stands come with a tent pole type stand that holds the banner graphic on the stand but allows for no adjustment, so sometimes it looks a little strange where the graphic starts at the bottom.

These banner stands are not expensive. The starting cost of different versions of the poster banner stands is less than $100 and can be used at many different events. All the stands come with a carrying case that allows for easy transportation of the graphic and are also lightweight. The widths of the banner stands vary from about 2ft wide all the way up to around 5feet wide  and come with different height abilities.

Poster Banner stands can be found at sign and banner companies in the Las Vegas area and be ordered online. In addition, many sign companies offer delivery service to the different venues as well.






Business Signs in Las Vegas

Low Cost Business Signs

Low cost business signs are every Las Vegas businesses dream. With expenses high, profits low, its no wonder every small business in Las Vegas wants to save money. Low cost business signs are available inexpensively to help you get more customers and make more profit. In these tough economic times, businesses all need more business to make ends meet.

Low cost business signs come in many different forms. Vinyl banners are perhaps the cheapest type of business sign and they are custom printed with your unique message. may stores use these vinyl banners to advertise sales and merchandise specials and then simply hang these banners on their buildings so that they can be seen by all the vehicles passing by their location.  With the increase in population in the Las Vegas area, there are many more cars on the streets that can see your banner. In fact, many business locations adjacent to the freeways have taken advantage of the increased traffic and place large banners on the rear of their buildings to get attention of all the passing motorists on the freeways.

Low cost business signs also include the very popular window graphics like vinyl lettering on windows and window perf.  Window perf is the window covering that allows you to print on a see through material so that the customer on the outside only sees your advertisement and the people on the inside get to see out. It also acts as a window shade during the hot summer months and keeps the heat from coming inside. In addition, low cost business signs include coroplast signs that can be placed on fences, grass areas and other places that can withstand the weather elements for months.

Low cost business signs are a great solution to meet your advertising needs in a bad economic environment.





Fast Backdrop Banners

Backdrop Banner Stand Signs in Vegas

Backdrop banner stand signs in Vegas are needed for the many events and shows that occur in Las Vegas. Backdrop banner stand signs are visual banners / fabric banners that allow for people to stand in front of and then have pictures taken against the stands in the background. These backdrop banners are seen quite frequently at the Academy Awards or Music Awards where performers stand in front of these banners and they are then photographed or videoed with logos and sponsors name behind them printed on the backdrop banner.  These logos or sponsors names can then be seen in the background and that is used as a form of publicity for the companies and event.

Banner backdrop stand signs are really not that expensive and that is why sponsors/event management loves them. A custom printed vinyl banner backdrop is about $2.00 a square foot and a fabric backdrop banner is about $3.00 a square foot. These are custom printed banners and can be any color and include pictures and logos. The fabric polyester fabric gives the advantage over the vinyl banner because it is wrinkle free and washable, however, it is more prone to damage from snagging and is more delicate.  backdrop banner stand signs are easy to set up and you can buy a an adjustable banner stand to hold the banner up as well for a small fee. many event centers use pipe and drape which allows for a pipe to be placed pockets at the top and bottom of the banner to get that perfect fit.

Backdrop banner stand signs can be bought and printed at local sign companies in the area at very good pricing. The turnaround time for a backdrop banner is approximately 4 days after final artwork has been submitted. Contact a sign company today and see how backdrop banners / step and repeat banners can help you.





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Step and Repeat Signs

Step and repeat signs are very popular at many of the events that happen weekly in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is competing with places like Hollywood for movie premieres and award shows. At the events, there are always movie or television stars posing in front of a backdrop to have their pictures taken. On these backdrops are the events sponsors name alternately placed in sequence so that they can be seen from any angle from which a photograph is taken. Sponsors of the events love this form of advertising because the photographs are typically placed in newspapers and magazines so that they can be seen by millions of people.

Step and repeat signs are usually printed on a fabric material ( 9 oz. polyester) or on a banner material with eco solvent inks or latex inks. These inks are made for both indoor and outdoor use and are bright and vivid in their colors. The newer large format printers can also print at very fast speeds, which in return has brought down the price of step and repeat signs to around $2.00 a square foot. Far less of a price than would have been paid just 5 years ago. These step and repeat signs come in many different sizes, with the 8ft by 8ft. step repeat sign and the 10ft by 10ft step and repeat sign the most popular choices. However, when at large events, a 8ft x 50ft backdrop step and repeat is not unheard of. These backdrop banners can be saved and used over and over again.

Step and repeat signs are available at many Las Vegas area sign companies. Most sign shops can print them and design them because they are used to do many of these types of banners because of the number of events in Vegas that require them.




Las Vegas Poster Signs

Quick Poster Printing in Vegas

Quick poster printing is available in the local Las Vegas area at inexpensive  pricing. These posters are not offset printed on 100lb paper, they are printed on a quality poster paper with large format printers that produce splendid colors and quality. Sign companies like  ( also found at ) can help you get that poster printed quickly and efficiently.

Quick poster printing is completed by large format printers that utilize state of the art technology to give you the best print possible. These large format printers use the new 8 color system instead of the old cmyk ( yellow, black, red and blue mixtures). The newer printers have integrated additional colors to make your poster print more vibrant and colorful than ever before. Your posters are printed on a matte or gloss finish poster paper that is approx. 8 mil thick ( much thicker than 100lb paper that normal offset printers use)

Quick poster printing has many applications for business and personal use. Many people like to take photographs and blow them up into a wall poster to hang on their walls. Schools like to use posters as a way of advertising an event and hang them in classrooms and hallways. These posters cannot be paper because they need to last for awhile and be handles by students continuously. Businesses use these posters as a way to inform customers about products and services they offer. These posters can be stapled to walls or even with double sided tape to hold them in place. The 8 mil poster paper is also water resistant and will last in the outdoors with fading and getting damaged.

Quick poster printing is available at most sign companies in the Las Vegas area in the price range of $2.50 to $3.50 per sq. ft.  Contact a sign shop to see how posters can help you.






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Quick Retractable Banners

Quick retractable banners are sometimes needed at one of the many events and shows in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is host to hundreds of conventions and trade shows yearly.  Partly because Las Vegas has millions of square feet of floor space available to handle the largest of conventions like the Consumer Electronic Show, Con Expo and others ( plus the thousands of square feet of meeting rooms that most Las Vegas strip casinos have available for their guests) and partly because it seems that Las Vegas is so fun to visit. People do not realize that beside the gambling, drinking, fine dining, exquisite hotel accommodations, etc. Las Vegas has year round good weather and lots to do outdoors like golf, boating, etc.

Quick retractable banners are very popular at events because they take up so little room and have a large display area on the banner to show off your products and services These banner stands can be found at and come in many different sizes to fulfill your display needs. Many times, the banner stands are needed same day because people attending the conventions and trade shows find out that their displays are damaged or simply do not get shipped to arrive in time for the show. In cases like these, the banner stands need to be made same day. Fortunately, Las Vegas has many sign companies that can help in this area and print that lost or damaged retractable banner quickly and at a low price. The most popular retractable banners with stands start off at less than $100.00

Contact a local  Las Vegas sign company if you should find yourself in need of quick retractable banners. Most sign shops can print and assemble your banner stand in a single day, often within just a few hours in rush conditions.



Fast Signs and Banners

Quick Signs Today in Vegas

Quick signs today are necessary when you are in Las Vegas and need a sign fast. There are many reasons for needing a sign quickly, the most common one is that someone simply forget to order the sign. In a case like this, its nice to know that Las Vegas is full of sign companies that have the right equipment to make that sign for you in a hurry. Sign Companies like Posterhead Signs  Also found at can assist you in getting those badly needed signs in a hurry.

Quick signs today are also available to the thousands of vendors who come to Las Vegas yearly to display their goods and services at the hundreds of events and shows that occur in Las Vegas. Southern Nevada is one of the most popular places to hold events and shows because of the reputation of ” Sin City”. Everybody loves to come here because of the gambling, 24 hour entertainment, fine dining and all around good weather. it seems while the rest of the country is knee deep in snow, Las Vegas has a nice 60 degree temperature making it a great place to escape the cold. While attending and prepping for the events, vendors often forget graphics back home or find them damaged upon delivery by a shipping company. In cases like these, the vendors need to have the graphics replaced quickly and efficiently  and Las Vegas is home to many sign companies that exclusively cater to the conventions and trade shows. These companies are normally located with a mile of the Las Vegas venues for easy access and speedy delivery of the signs and banners.

Quick signs today are available at most sign shops in the local area. Simply do a internet check or phone book check for a sign company near you.