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For Lease Wood Signs in Vegas

For lease wood signs are heavier than the normal aluminum signs found at properties for lease in the Las Vegas area. Realtors from the local Greater Las Vegas association of Realtors  or the sometimes like the old fashion heavy wood sign to represent them when trying to list a piece of property for lease. These realtors place these signs in front of properties they represent in order to let people passing by that the property is for lease.

For Lease wood signs contain much information about the property and the realtor listing the property for lease. The wood sign contains information such as the realtors contact information:

1. Name of realtor

2. Phone number of Realtor

3. Email

4. Website information

5. Broker Information-etc.

In addition, the “For Lease” sign also contains information about the property for lease such as zoning, size, utilities , square footage, etc. that would let prospective clients know if the property is suitable for them. The sign might even list special instructions like improvements that the landlord might consider to lease the property. These wood real estate signs are usually sized at 4ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft. However, other sizes are available as well. For example, on a large piece of property that sits back from a road, the real estate agent might want a very large 8ft x 16ft wood sign so that it can easily be seen from the road way. These wood signs are supported by 4″ x 4″ wood posts or sometimes even large wood posts as supports for such heavy wood signs.

For Lease wood signs in Las Vegas can be made by many sign companies in Las Vegas. The GLVAR has a referral program for sign companies and realtors and one company is on that list. To be on the GLVAR Member Benefit Program, the associated company has to offer a benefit to the realtors.




Banner Stand Signs

Custom Banner Stand Displays

Custom banner stand displays are very popular at the many events and shows held in Las Vegas Nevada. Custom banner stand displays are used extensively at these shows in order to get a message across to the people attending. These banner stand displays come in a multitude of sizes to accommodate your space needs at these shows. Many times the booth sizes at these shows and events are very cramped and display graphics are needed that can stand alone in this limited space. Banner stands are a wonderful display graphic to fill this need. With all the conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas, these are very popular graphic displays.

Custom banner stand displays come in many sizes. The most popular banner stand size is the 33″ x 78″ adjustable banner stand. An adjustable banner stand allows for the perfect height adjustment to your graphic so that it displays perfectly. These banner stands with carrying case cost less than $100 and can be made the same day in emergencies, if not an emergency, these stands only take a day or so to print and assemble. The banner stands come in widths of 24″ to about 5 feet wide and in either standard or premium styles ( premium have a chrome base). The graphic itself is either on a 13 ounce vinyl banner or a 10oz anti curl substrate that makes your graphic look professional.

Large format printers use eco solvent or latex inks to print your graphic. The newer large format printers utilize the multicolor system with 8 inks that allow for a wider array of colors and depths. These inks are environmentally friendly and will last a long time indoors.

Custom banner stand displays are made at most of the sign shops that cater to the events and shows in Las Vegas. These sign companies are normally located within a 1/2 mile of the Las Vegas strip and offer delivery service to your location.




Truck Stickers

Custom Wood Signs in Vegas

Custom wood signs in Vegas are available through local sign companies for those clients that prefer wood signs versus the aluminum signs. Several years ago, the heavy wood signs were the main sign when making larger signs. That has changed now with technology and the ability to use aluminum substrates. However, there are some cases where custom wood signs have an advantage over aluminum.

In windy areas, the heavier wood signs have an advantage over the lighter aluminum signs. The heaviness of the wood makes them more formidable against the high winds that Las Vegas experiences from time to time.

Custom wood signs are made just like any other type of sign. The graphic is printed on a large format printer with special inks designed to last in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas, laminated so that the signs ink will last longer and protect the vinyl print against weatherization, and then applied to the wood in the same manner as the aluminum sign. The cost difference between a wooden signs and an aluminum sign is about 25% because the MDO board sign is a more expensive substrate. These custom wood signs are used for selling vacant land and also placed in front of commercial buildings to let people driving by that the property is for rent or for sale. The larger the custom wood sign, the more information can be placed on the sign to describe the property and place contact information for that real estate company or individual representing the property.

Custom wood signs are available at sign companies throughout the Las Vegas valley at very reasonable prices. The start to finish time to build a sign is about 3 to 4 days and many sign companies offer assistance in placing the sign at your location. Contact a sign company today to get started !





Signs and Banners

Wood Signs

Wood signs are old school material to make large and small  custom signs. There are many other substrates that have been introduced in the last few years that can outperform and outlast the wood signs. Aluminum signs are a more common substrate now used in the sign industry as the aluminum is not subject to weathering like MDO wood signs.

Aluminum signs are cheaper to make than wood signs. In addition, the aluminum signs will last a lot longer. Both the wood signs and aluminum signs use a vinyl application ( full color print that includes logos, pictures and photos) and then a laminate is placed on top of the full color vinyl print so to add extra sun protection. The extra sun protection is necessary in places like Las Vegas because of the extreme heat and prolonged sunlight the signs are subject to. A interesting fact is that a sign that faces north in Las Vegas will last a much longer time than a sign facing west because of the exposure to the long sunlight.

Wood signs cost about 25% more than an aluminum sign. A typical 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign is about $99 and a 4ft x 8ft aluminum sign is about $175.00 in Las Vegas. Wood signs costs are about $125.00 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and about $210 for a 4ft x 8ft sign. Some people prefer the heavier sign, however, when installed properly, the aluminum sign will last longer and look better than the wooden sign.

Wood signs are used extensively in the commercial real estate field where they are placed on vacant land and in front of commercial buildings where they are used as a way to convey ” For Lease” and “For Rent” on.

Wood signs are available in Las Vegas at sign companies throughout the Vegas valley at very good rates and can be made in just a few days.