Banner Stands

Pop Up Banners For Conventions and Trade Shows in Vegas

Pop up banners are inexpensive and a very effective form of signage at events and shows. These pop up banners can be placed anywhere because they stand alone and come in a multitude of sizes to display your products and services. They are easily set up and can be travelled with without inconvenience.

Everybody loves to come to Las Vegas because it is a fun and exciting place to come. Not only do we have gambling, 24 hour night life, top rated restaurants and entertainment Las Vegas has become a family oriented city where you can bring your family along while you attend or display at the events and shows.

Pop up banners are cheap and can often be made the same day by sign companies like Posterhead ( who can be found at ) Many sign shops like Posterhead offer great pricing on banner stands and other signage that is intended for convention centers and trade show venues. Las Vegas hosts hundreds of events and shows every year and has some of the biggest event venues in the world:

1. Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

3. Sands Expo

These 3 facilities alone have over 3 million square feet of floor space that even hosts the largest of the conventions like SEMA, Con Expo, etc. Also, most casinos have thousands of square feet of floor space dedicated to shows , events and meetings.  Pop up banners are used extensively as part of a marketing package for these events. These pop up banners can be made very quickly and in many different sizes for your booth or display. Vendors often prefer to have these display graphics made in Las Vegas to avoid any type of loss or damage while they are being transported to Vegas. Contact a local sign company to see if these pop up ban