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Wood For Sale Signs in Vegas

Wood for sale signs are very easy to make when you want a heavy sign. Wood for sale signs in Vegas have generally been replaced with the lighter aluminum signs called e-panels or B-bond panels. They are 2 sided aluminum signs with a filler substrate in the middle that have been bonded together to make a solid, yet lightweight sign panel.  Yet, the classic wood sign has been around for a long time and is very appreciated by many business people according to Ed Brown( who can be found at  or

Wood signs are generally about 25% more expensive than aluminum composite signage but yet have advantages over the lighter aluminum signs. In Las Vegas where at times it gets very windy, a heavier wood sign is a blessing because it makes for a sturdier sign. These wood signs are often used by commercial realtors for signage in front of commercial buildings that are available for rent or for lease. These wood signs can be various sizes to accommodate all the information that is need about the property for lease such as zoning, utilities, square footage, etc.  While the wood sign is made f wood and then subject to the elements of the weather, it does have a life expectancy that is shorter than an aluminum sign, but yet can still last several years, even under the harsh conditions of the weather of Southern Nevada.

Wood for sale signs are not hard to make and can be made very quickly, often in just a day or two. A vinyl application is printed and then applied to the wood substrate and then laminated to help protect the print from the sun and other natural elements. These wood signs can then last a long time. Contact a sign company in Las Vegas to see how these wood signs can help you.