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Commercial Realtor For Lease Signs

Commercial realtor for lease signs are used to display a property that is being leased out in the Las Vegas area. Usually these signs are for large commercial properties and are placed at the front of the property so that traffic can see them as they drive by. Many times the sign will contain information about the property, not just the realtors contact information.

Commercial realtor for lease signs are made out of MDO board or aluminum. Full color vinyl sticker prints are applied to the MDO boards or aluminum and are usually topped of with a laminate so to make the sign last longer. In addition, the laminate makes the sign able to be wiped off and simple graffiti can be eliminated.  ( Of course, they make a graffiti laminate especially designed to be able to be wiped off if someone does graffiti on your sign ) The MDO boards are more expensive because of the cost of the material and are much heavier than the aluminum. However, the aluminum is much lighter and easier to install and many realtors like to put up their own for lease signs.  In addition, because it is aluminum, it wears very well in the different seasons that Las Vegas has to offer.  The vinyl prints applied to the MDO or aluminum can be full color and include your picture and company logos.

Commercial realtor for lease signs are available at many of the sign shops located in the Las Vegas valley. While not all sign shops have the equipment necessary to make large signs, sign companies like has the ability to print, apply and manufacture your large real estate signs at a low cost. Contact Posterhead or one of the other sign companies to see how these realtor signs can help your real estate firm.