Political Signs and Banners

Political Election Signs in Clark County Nevada

Political election signs in Clark County Nevada are being readied for display for the upcoming elections. Many candidates like to get their signs up at the first opportunity while many others like to make that last minute appearance to try to steal the thunder from their opponents. Whatever you election strategy, signage is a main component of any smart election. Signs get you elected !

Clark County primaries for many want top be politicians is starting in March 2018 and last only a few months. For those lucky enough to be unopposed, the main election is approx. 6 months away. time enough to get a campaign staff and sponsors to get elected. For those being opposed by other candidates, they have to struggle through the primary for the opportunity to run for office. These candidates will be going door to door and placing signs all over their district in hopes of getting elected. There struggle will include long arduous hours of campaigning.

Political election signs in Clark County Nevada include many different types of signage. The most popular political sign is the yard sign that is 18″ tall by 24″ wide and they are generally placed on supporters front yards of their residences. These signs are cheap ( less than $2.00 each)¬† and are a tradition.¬†Most recently in Las Vegas, candidates like to place 4ft x 6ft long signs along main streets to advertise their campaign. While normally this is illegal, Clark County Gov. seems to be relaxed in the enforcement during the political process. I guess the strategy of not trying to alienate their possible future boss goes a long way. Vinyl banners are also another cheap and easy solution to get signage out in front of the public.

Political election signs in Clark County Nevada are available through local sign shops at a low cost.