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Interesting Fact About Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Interesting Fact about welcome to Las Vegas Sign.

1.  The sign that is on Las Vegas Blvd that welcomes you to Las Vegas is not EVEN in Las Vegas !!

That fact is a little known tidbit that the locals of Las Vegas do not tell you.

The sign itself ” Welcome to Las Vegas” is located in the meridian of the 5100 S. Las Vegas Blvd, 4 miles south of the Las Vegas city limits ! Don’t believe me ? Here is the Wikipedia opinion on the matter:

Las Vegas is a very interesting place to live and it is a lot of fun to live in this town. The town itself has much history due to the stories of the mob running the town and all the corruption. ( Please visit the Mob Museum is Downtown Las Vegas for a great trip down memory lane about all the violence.  Formerly, Oscar Goldman, an attorney that represented many mob type clients, was the mayor for years of Las Vegas and is endeared by the local population. His wife, Caroline, is currently the mayor of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is also the number one destination in the world for trade shows and conventions. Millions of people come to Las Vegas annually to see the latest in technology and find out what is happening in their trades. The latest products and services are on display.  Besides that, many people believe that Las Vegas is the number #1 destination because of all the fun that can be had while not at the conventions. There is gambling, drinking, dancing, top restaurants, and a 24 hour party atmosphere that makes people love to have fun. If you are a history buff, this is a wonderful place to learn about the evolution of criminal activity to corporate activity.

Come to Las Vegas and enjoy yourself and be safe !