Vegas Banners

Las Vegas Wide Format Printing

Las Vegas wide format printing allows for banners and signs to be made. These wide format printers can print large signs and banners with latex and eco solvent inks that are both vivid and bright in color and long lasting. That is especially important when your banners and signs are outdoors in the Las Vegas heat.

The technical definition of wide format printing is a printer that can print 18″ up to 100″. These wide format printers  are used to print banners, posters, trade show graphics, wallpaper, murals, backlit film , and vinyl films. They also print vehicle  wraps, electronic circuit schematics,  construction plans, backdrops for theatrical and media sets ( step and repeat banners) and any other wide format signage.

The predominant wide format printers are made by Mimaki, Mutoh, HP, Epson and Roland. Several other knock offs are coming out of the Asian countries. These wide format printers are very costly and range from $10,000 to well over $100,000.

Las Vegas wide format printing costs vary according to the substrates used to print on. Also there is a big difference in the cost of indoor inks and outdoors inks. Outdoor inks can be used for indoor printing and display, but indoor inks cannot be used for outdoor use without fading, because they lack they necessary protective chemicals to withstand the harsh sunlight of Las Vegas. Usually, wide format printing on vinyl banners is about $2.00 a square foot and printing on vinyl is about $3.50 a square foot. Then the costs go up depending what substrate you apply the vinyl to.

Most sign shops in Las Vegas have their own wide format printers to make signs. However not all do and rely upon larger sign shops for their prints. To find a sign shop with a large format printer, do a online search for the term ” wide format printer or large format printer”.