Dust Control Signs

Henderson Nevada Air Quality Dust Control Signs

Henderson Nevada air quality dust control signs are available at a discount rate when you need to have a dust control sign for a  building project. Information can be viewed at http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/compliance/Pages/Compliance_DustPermitting.aspx

Clark County Air Quality Management Board regulates dust control issues in Clark County because of the amount of dust that construction projects kick up that affects the air quality in the local area. People tend to forget that we live in the desert and the topsoil is an accumulation of dust and debris and when disturbed, this dust gets into the air that we breathe and affects our health.  The Clark County Air Quality Management Board takes the issue very seriously and mandates classes for people who apply for a construction project that will move topsoil. Information on dust control classes  can be found at http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/compliance/Documents/DustControl/DustForms/DCP15_Dust_Class_Registration_Form.pdf

Henderson Nevada air quality dust control signs are cost prohibitive. The cost of a 4ft x 4ft dust control sign is under $100 and if your construction project is over 10 acres, a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign is required. The larger dust control signs sell for under $180.00 and can be modified if the dust construction project lasts more than a year ( The Clark County Air Quality Management Board issues dust permit for a period of 1 year with renewals if necessary) These dust control air quality signs are made with aluminum which allows for the sign to last a long time in the Las Vegas Valley. Many times the signs will be made with inferior materials like coroplast or vinyl and have to be made over after sign failure because of the cheap quality of the signs. A aluminum sign blank can withstand the weather elements and is lightweight, which is important in that 1 person can install the sign instead of 2 people, thus cutting down on your sign installation.