Car Magnets Are A Great Way To Advertise Your Business

Las Vegas Custom Car Magnets For Advertising.

Las Vegas custom car magnets are a great idea for the small businessman who wants to get his company name and information out in publics view. These noticeable and cost effective magnets attach to the doors of your vehicle and can be removed very quickly and turn your car into a family car in seconds. Yet when applied to your vehicle’s doors, they grab the attention of other motorists around you.

Las Vegas custom car magnets are not expensive. A pair of 12″ x 18″ car magnets will cost around $30.00 in Las Vegas. These removable car magnets are in full color ( as many colors as you want on the magnets) and can also have your picture and logo printed on them as well. Best of all, they can be safely removed and put on without causing any damage to your vehicle’s paint. Simply adding the car magnet to your vehicles door allows for exposure to your business and removal makes your vehicle anonymous ( which is good if you are in the dating scene). Many other size custom car magnets are available.

Las Vegas custom car magnets are printed directly on the magnet or printed on vinyl and then applied to the magnet. Since the car magnet will be outdoors, eco solvent or latex inks are used in the printing process to guard against color fading. These magnets are made with 30 mil sheeting and under normal conditions will not come off the vehicle. It is important to not adhere your magnet over a car side mo9lding or other object where air can get between the magnet and the cars body. This air gap will cause the magnet to fly off the vehicle as air pressure intensifies at the higher speeds.

Las Vegas custom car magnets are available at your local sign shop in Southern Nevada and will most certainly get your business noticed.