Same Day Signs Las Vegas For Rush Order Printing

Spring Valley 89148 Outdoor Banners

Spring Valley 89148 outdoor banners are great for advertising for businesses. These large outdoor banners can be made in a variety of sizes and colors to match the needs of your Spring Valley business.

Spring Valley 89148 outdoor banners are a cheap form of advertising in these challenging economic times. The marketing theory behind the outdoor vinyl banners is that they take advantage of the people traffic that goes by your store every day. Statistics show that hundreds of people travel down the major streets of Las Vegas every single day. These outdoor banners act as a billboard for the people travelling by the store. If they do not see it today, they are likely to see it the next day. Since these outdoor banners last more than a year ( inks are guaranteed not to fade for 3 years) thousands of people are expected to see your banner.  Spring Valley 89148 banners cost a couple of dollars a square foot, so a large 5ft x 10ft vinyl banner would cost about $100.00

Smart businesses are using more than one banner and simply rotating the banners every few weeks to advertise new products or services. There is a dry cleaning business that changes out their banners every few weeks and puts on the banner what item they are currently offering on special. One week it might be bed spreads, next week it might be men’s suits, dresses, etc. The whole idea is that they keep appealing to the masses and out of the hundreds that view the banner, chances are that many of them need something specifically cleaned that they are advertising at a low price.

Spring Valley 89148 outdoor banners can be purchased and designed at one of the local print or sign shops in the Spring Valley / Las Vegas area at affordable rates. Take advantage of this great opportunity.



Same Day Signs Las Vegas For Rush Order Printing

Custom Paradise 89118 Banners For Business.

Custom Paradise 89118 banners can help your business get more business and become more profitable at a low cost. Forget all the print ads, weekly mailers, radio ads that cost thousands of dollars and take advantage of the natural motor vehicle traffic that passes by your store very day. Successful businesses are using this strategy for making more money.

Custom Paradise 89118 banners are being made and tailored specifically for your business rather than a generic banner. For example, you might want a vinyl outdoor banner with very specific items on it with specificity to certain pricing to let everyone know that you are cheaper than your competition in pricing.  Smoke shops are a example of this type of business that requires custom banners. They may want to specify a brand of cigarettes they are selling and compare themselves to a local market or convenience store with comparative advertising. This type of strategy worked well for a large supermarket chain  when they did a sample basket of goods and compared the pricing to other large grocery stores. Many dry cleaning facilities also like to be very specific when it comes to making a custom banner for their store. The dry cleaning business is very competitive and dry cleaners like to have a price on the banner to meet or beat the competitions price. For example, they may dry clean a mans suit of $7.00 and go after the casino / professional manager class of workers or during the winter months go after the ” Bed Comforter” cleaning business and try to get everybody to clean their bed comforters at the beginning of winter.

Custom Paradise 89118 banners can be made for your business to distinguish you from the competition and set you apart. They are full color and come ready to hang at your business location.