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Las Vegas Realtor Rider Signs

Las Vegas realtor rider signs can assist a realtor in making a sale on a piece of property. Rider signs are 6″ x 24″ signs that hang below the real estate sign that just gives a little more information on a piece of property that the general real estate sign does not.

Las Vegas realtor rider signs are made with an aluminum substrate to prevent rusting and are usually the size of 6″ x 24″. The rider sign can be full color( both sides) abd have a variety of descriptive terms on it to help identify the property to potential buyers.

Terms such as

1. Basement

2. Four Bedroom

3. Three Bedroom

4.2 Baths

5. Pool / Spa

6. Casita

etc. all help identify the property in such a way that the regular real estate sign cannot.

The realty riders usually cost around $10.00 each for a custom rider. If you buy plastic riders, the cost goes down but also the quality and life expectancy of the sign.

Las Vegas real estate signs are made with an aluminum blank and measure 18″ x 24″. They have the company name, sales agents information and contact information to get hold of the company or agent. Open house signs are 18″ x 24″ and usually contain the company name or logo, “Open House” descriptive term and an arrow pointing out the direction in which to travel to find the open house. They are a generic sign that is put at various points in the neighborhood to draw interest to the open house.

In Las Vegas, most realtors belong to the Greater LAs Vegas Realtors Association or GLVAR. This is a wonderful organization that assists agents in the community and sets the standards and practices for the agents. Many sign companies in the area belong to a mutually beneficial program to encourage interaction between the sign shops and the GLVAR.  Contact you local sign shop  to see if they are a partner with the GLVAR. They will offer you a discount on services if they are.





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