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Las Vegas Press Wall Banner Printing

Las  Vegas press wall banner printing allows for background banners to be used as backdrops so that pictures and video can be taken against a chosen background. Las Vegas press wall banner printing usually involves a logo or name to be methodically placed on a banner in a step and repeat fashion so that no matter what angle a photograph is taken from, the name or logo in the background can be seen.

Sponsors of events and concerts will pay a lot of money to have their logos and names included on the Las Vegas press wall banner printing ( also known as step and repeat banners). This form of advertising is very cheap and gets much notice in newspapers and tabloids, especially when a very important person ( VIP) is associated with the product. It acts as a form of endorsement and a cheap way to get your company name seen by thousands of people.

Las Vegas press wall banner printing is not expensive. It usually costs about $2.00 a sq. ft. for a step and repeat banner to be printed on a matte banner material. A matte banner material is used so that there is no flash or light reflection cast by the background banner. If you were to use a glossy finish ( typical with vinyl banners) the flash of the camera or bright lights would reflect onto the banners and possibly ruin the photo.

These step and repeat banners are usually either grommeted on the perimeters every two feet or simply have no grommets and are then taped to a wall by double sided tape or Velcro or stretched out by the grommets.  Many times,  people just use an adjustable banner stand that holds the step and repeat banner and then that banner can be placed at any location they choose instead of against a wall.


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