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GLVAR Real Estate Signs In Las Vegas

GLVAR Real Estate Signs are available for sale to members of the GLVAR. The GLVAR has extended business opportunities and partnerships with the local business community to help GLVAR members with their real estate signage needs. As a result, sign companies have partnered with the GLVAR to make sure their members have the best signage available to them at a discounted price. To be a member benefit partner of the GLVAR, you have to offer a discount to GLVAR members and produce a quality product.

GLVAR real estate signs are manufactures in the LAs Vegas area by qualified sign shops. Traditionally, the “for sale” sign is a sign made with .040 aluminum that is capable of withstanding the weather conditions because it is considered rust proof because it is made with aluminum that does not rust. If made with steel or another form of metal, rust would set in after it would get wet. However, a new product is being introduced onto the real estate sign scene that is called a e-panel sign or composite sign. This substrate is a double sided aluminum panel with a filler substrate that allows for a more rigid and sturdy sign. The cost of the two signs is about the same. The average price of GLVAR real estate signs ( 18″ x 24″ aluminum) is around $30 a sign for a double sided sign. With GLVAR members being a member benefit partner with several sign shops in the area, the price goes down from that. A standard 10% off seems to be the norm for GLVAR members.

GLVAR real estate signs can be purchased at any number of local sign shops in the Las Vegas area. Just check with the sign shop or the GLVAR to see if they are a member benefit partner to determine if they give discounts to GLVAR members.




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