Las Vegas wall decals

Las Vegas Sexy Lingerie Graphics

Las Vegas sexy lingerie graphics are the rave in Las Vegas. Why not put your girlfriend or wife on your wall so you can look at her everyday ?

The printing world has come a long way from just an old poster on the wall. In todays print world, Las Vegas Sexy Lingerie Graphics can be printed on posters, wall graphics, wall paper and other materials with great clarity. There is a new product on the market called phototex, which is a repositionable wall graphic material that allows you to print your girlfriend on the phototex material and then place that image on the wall. This image can be life size, meaning you can have her in her favorite lingerie standing  5ft 5″ tall.  the best part is that the graphic is easily removable if you need to take the graphic down. The graphic can then be put back up on the wall at a later date. You can put up and take the  Las Vegas sexy lingerie wall graphic down dozens of times without losing its adherence.

Las Vegas sexy lingerie graphics can also be printed on wall paper, just like the regular wall paper you buy at the home improvement store.  The cost for the Las Vegas sexy lingerie graphics is about the same cost as wall paper.

All you need to make sexy lingerie graphics is a picture of you wife or girlfriend in a high resolution photo of 8mb or better. Then a print or sign shop can photoshop your image away from the background  and then print your wall graphic in a high definition print. The new inks prevent your graphic from fading or losing its color.

To find Las Vegas sexy lingerie wall graphics near you, simply contact a sign or print shop to get your girlfriend or wife up on the wall so that you can see her every day.




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