Plastic Coroplast Signs

Las Vegas Coroplast Sign Printing.

Las Vegas coroplast sign printing is an affordable way to make temporary signs. Not all signs have to be forever and coroplast signage is a way to get your marketing message across as a cheap substitute. Why should you have to pay big money for a sig that will only be needed for a couple of months or less.

Las Vegas coroplast sign printing allows for an alternative to expensive signs. A 18″ x 24 ” coroplast sign with a sign stake would cost about $10.00 in the Las Vegas area compared to about $25 to $30.00 for a metal sign of the same size. The corogated sign will last for a few months in the hot sun of Las Vegas and longer in other seasons when the sun is not making a temperature of 115 degrees.

Coroplast signs are easy to make as they are either printed directly on the coroplast or printed on a vinyl material and then applied to a corogated substrate. The inks they use on the coroplast signs are designed for outdoor use and will last for years. The inks produce bold and bright colors that will make your coroplast sign look great.

Coroplast signs are an effective marketing method when permanent signage is not needed. For example, if you are  having a musical performance in the park, you just need advertisement for a small period of time, then  the  signs get thrown away.  If you are in a high vandalism area, why create expensive signs  that might get get vandalized. Coroplast signs are much cheaper to replace and easy to hang. They are great for putting up at small contractor jobs and guerilla marketers use  them to place on telephone and utility poles on the streets for temporary signage before the city takes them down. Many carpet cleaners use this guerilla form of advertisement with those carpet cleaning special signs.

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