Las Vegas Banners

Vegas Cheap Banners For Advertising.

Vegas cheap banners are a very cheap and economical way to advertise your companies products and services.  Vegas cheap banners can be seen from far away and grab the attention of potential customers as they drive or walk by.

Vegas cheap banners come in a variety of sizes and colors to match the needs of the business.  The most common size for a banner seems to be the 3ft x 8ft banner. This vinyl banner seems large enough to have the necessary marketing information or product information on and yet be manageable.  The cost of a 3ft x 8ft full color banner in Las Vegas seems to be around $39.00.  This $39.00 charge would include grommets and basic design time to create the banner.

Vegas cheap banners are usually printed on a vinyl banner material of 13 ounce with inks designed for the outdoors and indoors.  It is important to get the outdoor ink so as to avoid color fading in the hot and intense Las Vegas sun.

Vegas cheap banners are used by a variety of Las Vegas businesses such as car dealerships, smoke shops, pizza places, carnivals, etc.  Car dealers will use the Vegas cheap banners as a way to advertise the weekly deal of the week.  Pizza places are forever trying to lure customers in with those $9.00 large pizza specials and carnivals use them in town to town to announce that a carnival will soon be available in town for people to enjoy.

Vegas cheap banners are easy to hang. The banners come with grommets that allow for rope, screws, zip ties, etc. to be used for easy hanging.

To find Vegas cheap banners near you, contact a local sign shop and they will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right vinyl banner to assist you in getting your business noticed.



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