Las Vegas "A" Frame Signs

Summerlin Las Vegas Sidewalk Signs

Summerlin Las Vegas sidewalk signs are being used by Summerlin businesses as a convenient way to advertise short term sales or events. Summerlin Las Vegas sidewalk signs are easily placed near or on the sidewalk in front of businesses in order to attract the attention of passing motorists and people walking by.

Summerlin Las Vegas sidewalk signs come in a variety of sizes.  The most common sizes are the “A” frame that holds a 18″ x 24″ sign and the 24″ x 36″ sign.  Realtors use the 18″ x 24″ sidewalk signs to let people know they are having open houses. The realtors place them in residential areas, street intersections, to alert passing people they are conducting an open house.  Businesses in Summerlin Las Vegas tend to use the larger sidewalk signs as they are larger and are easier to grab the attention of passing motorists.

Summerlin LAs Vegas sidewalk signs are easy to put out in the morning and retrieve at the end of the day.  Some models of the sidewalk signs have small wheels on the base that allows them to be wheeled around. During the windy season, people will put sand or water in the sidewalk signs to weigh them down to give them more support against the wind.  They even make a sidewalk sign that is mounted on springs so that the wind can actually bend the sign and not knock it over.

Summerlin Las Vegas sidewalk signs are not very expensive and are considered a cheap form of signage. They last a long time and the inserts can be changed out very easily to accommodate new product advertisement.  The deluxe model just allows for the insert to be slipped in and it self retains as compared to earlier models that require tape, screws or other types of fasteners to hold the advertising to the sidewalk sign.


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