Las Vegas Banner Signs

Cheap Outdoor Banners For Advertising.

Cheap outdoor banners are an effective means of  business advertising. Cheap outdoor banners are very inexpensive and easy to hang to get your products or services across in a “large” way.

The cost of large cheap outdoor banner is approximately $2.00 a square foot. So, a 5 foot x 10 foot banner made with vinyl banner material would cost about $100.00.  The smaller the banner the smaller the price.  These cheap outdoor banners normally come grommeted every two feet at the top and bottom for easy hanging. The banners are normally printed on a 13 ounce banner material with eco solvent or latex inks to make sure the colors remain very bright and vivid through the life of the banner.

Sometimes stores or businesses will cut wind slots in them so that the wind is able to pass through the banner with ease.  Otherwise, the wind causes pressure on the banner and thus causes pressure where the banner is attached to, namely the grommets.

The cheap vinyl banners are easy to hang with the grommtes by screws, rope, bolts etc and can easily be changed out very quickly.  Many businesses use multiple vinyl banners and rotate the banners on a frequent basis to always give the store a new appearance. In adition to the new appearance, these cheap vinyl banners can easily display sales for new and seasonal products.  For example, a pizza place in Las Vegas rotates 4 banners that hang on the outside of there building that include a large pizza sale, chicken wing sale, lunch specials and a free delivery banner. The pizza place does very well with a banner rotation.  ( The banners are easily rolled up and stored for another use with minimal effort )

Cheap outdoor banners work because they are very inexpensive and allow a store to put a large sign on there building or fence that gets noticed by passing motorists.


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