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Cheap Pylon Sign Lettering For The Do It Yourselfers.

In Las Vegas, most businesses have a pylon or sign cabinet  that needs lettering when they move into a business or decide to change their lettering. Cheap pylon sign lettering is available for the do it yourselfers.  To get cheap pylon sign lettering, it takes a little planning and a little work and you can save hundreds of dollars.

The first thing to check when lettering your own pylon sign is to look at the height of the pylon sign.  If the pylon sign is 30 feet in the air, I would strongly recommend you hire someone with the proper equipment to do the job safely. I have been up on a ladder at that height and had wind gusts almost knock me off the ladder and I have occasionally extended myself a little too far and put myself at risk.  Determine your comfort level when working at heights.

The next item on the list is to measure the pylon sign opening for your cheap pylon sign lettering.  Measure from the inside to inside on the height and length. I say this, because sometimes it is more practical to apply the vinyl lettering to the pylon sign rather than take down the plastic face and apply it on the ground or in your work shop. If you do decide to take down the plastic pylon face, it is usually a couple of 1/4 inch nuts holding the end cap on the pylon sign.  Simply remove the end cap and slide the plastic face out.  If it is a long plastic face, be careful to support it while sliding it out.

Once you have the pylon face out, clean or remove the previous vinyl lettering from the pylon face and clean it thoroughly. You can go to a sign shop, craft shop or another place that sells pre-cut vinyl lettering and then apply it to your sign face and re-install the sign.


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