Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sidewalk Spinner Signs Get Attention of Passing Motorists.

Sidewalk spinner signs are a fantastic way to get the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians.  For those of you that don’t know what they are called, people that hold signs on sidewalks to get attention of passing motorists are called sign spinners.  In actuality, they are becoming a very effective form of human advertisement.

While driving the other day in Las Vegas, I noticed several people twirling and spinning sidewalk spinner signs. These  sidewalk spinner signs were promoting a lunch special at the local café, a pizza special and lastly, a cell phone service.  Of all the advertisement I visually saw on the way home, these sidewalk spinner signs really made an impression.  You cannot help but notice a person drawing attention to themselves while standing on a sidewalk.  It is human nature to be looking around while driving or at a stop light.  These sidewalk spinner signs are just made to grab your attention in situations like these.

The most common sidewalk spinner signs are made with lightweight material so that the sign spinners are not worn out after a few minutes of twirling their signs.  The most common size of a spinner sign is a 2ft x 4ft and made with 10mm coroplast.  The 10 mm coroplast allows for a sturdy, but lightweight spinner sign.  Sometimes these signs will have an arrow on them directing the attention of the viewer to the store where the sale is taking place.

The sidewalk spinner signs are not very expensive. The cost of a single sided 10 mm coroplast spinner sign of a 2ft x 4ft size is around $50.00

The fact that there are so many sidewalk spinner signs on the streets are  testimony to their effectiveness as a viable form of advertising. Local sign shops or print shops are where these advertising treasures can be purchased.


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