Battery Operated Sign Spinners

Sign Waving Mannequins In Las Vegas.

Summer is here in Las Vegas and people are out sign spinning on corners in Las Vegas to draw attention to their businesses.  In addition,  sign waving mannequins are also out plying their advertising trade. Sign waving mannequins are the next progressive step in sign spinning.

Its fun to watch experienced sign spinners twirling their spinner signs on the corners of Las Vegas.  Some of them are very good and others are sort of lazy and just sort of stand there while traffic passes them by.  It is the activity of the sign spinner that draws attention to the message on the spinner sign. Unfortunately for the business owner, he is paying the sign spinner if he is spinning the sign or just standing against a pole holding the sign.

The costs of the sign spinner vary with the expertise and experience, but one thing is sure, the business owner is paying for it along with benefits. Some business owners decided to get away from  human sign spinners and go with electric sign waving mannequins or battery operated sign waving mannequins instead of paying an hourly wage.

The cost of  sign waving mannequins is only about 4 days wages of a human sign spinner.  In just about four days, instead of paying a lazy human sign spinner, you can get a battery operated sign waving mannequin that will last a very long time.  Simply keep the sign waving mannequin charged up over night and the next day she is ready to work without breaks or complaints. You can dress the sign waving mannequin any way you want to draw attention to your signage.  Many businesses dress the battery operated sign spinner in “hot” clothing that is very revealing.  This always catches the attention of passing motorists and more importantly, attention to the advertising sign she is holding.

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