Battery Operated Sign Spinners

Battery Operated Sign Spinners.

There is a new trend in the advertising  world of sign spinners. Instead of hiring human sign spinners and paying them an hourly wage plus all the costs associated with employment, businesses are turning to battery operated sign spinners in lieu of human sign spinners with amazing results.  Not only is the battery operated sign spinners  more cost effective than human sign spinners, the reported advertising results are better.

The evolution of the human sign spinner has brought on battery operated sign spinners.  Just as robots have replaced factory assembly line workers,  robots in the form of battery operated sign spinners are replacing the street sign spinner. This evolution has brought down the cost of sign spinning tremendously.  Not only do you not have to pay the cost of an hourly wage, the business owner saves on workers compensation, insurance, matching taxes, Medicare, breaks, and other employment costs that add to the monetary compensation of a worker.  In approximately 4 or 5 days of hiring a human sign spinner, you can outright purchase a battery operated sign spinners mannequin and have it working for free after that.  Think about all the cost savings and the best part is you do not have to tolerate bad employee behavior.

Battery operated sign spinners can be purchased for under $500.00 and come fully prepared to work.  By that, I mean the battery operated sign spinners come dressed in a sexy outfit to grab passing motorist attention, come with a fully rechargeable battery, and are easily transportable with a dolly that comes with the  automated sign spinner.  The package comes ready to start grabbing attention for your business.

These battery operated  sign spinners work very well getting the attention of passing motorists and get your advertising message delivered. Several people are always able to tell me where they have seen them on the streets.


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